Irish Jewelry For Girls – The Celtic Cross Pendant

Sometimes, choosing a special piece of jewelry for a little girl or teenager can be difficult – however, when you do find a truly lovely and meaningful design, it can make for the ultimate present!

Girls adore special pieces that feel grown-up – but are really crafted just for their age group! With this handmade Celtic Cross pendant, style and quality are intertwined – just like the delicate knot work designs that decorate this 14k yellow gold necklace.

This pretty cross is scaled to fit a young girl – it will look wonderful with all of her outfits.

The Celtic Cross Is A Symbol Of Faith

For centuries, the Celtic Cross has been one of Ireland’s most recognizable symbols. Each branch of this ringed cross illustrates the four directions. The ringed center is thought to be a remnant of Pagan Sun Worship. Other historians believe that the distinctive ring is modeled on an angel’s halo…

On this special design, Trinity Knots are engraved into the surface, adding richness, depth, and dimension. Celtic Trinity Knots have three equal segments…each one symbolizes the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Since the 6th century, this important motif has appeared on monuments, art treasures, and ancient manuscripts, such as the Irish Book Of Kells.

The Perfect Gift For Any Young Lady…

This Celtic pendant can be an ideal gift for any young lady…it can even be a lovely keepsake for a baby at its baptism. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions will also be perfect times to give a little girl or teen this traditional and spiritual design.

Made by hand in the Emerald Isle, the Celtic Cross pendant is sure to be treasured for a lifetime. Help her connect with her Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage by offering her special Celtic jewelry she’ll really love to wear!

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