Our New Celtic Festival Calendar Will Keep You Closer To The Action

We’re proud to announce our latest work-in-progress – since the New Year, we’ve been hard at work, creating a comprehensive listing of every Irish and Celtic festival in America.

We know many of our blog viewers are of Irish and Celtic heritage, and that they are interested in showing their pride at these inspirational events.

Over the past decade, these festivals have grown in scale…they’ve become popular events that Irish-Americans (as well as those of Scottish and Welsh descent) enjoy attending each and every year.

This is a fun charm for your bracelet! The "Born US, 100 percent Irish" bead is the perfect way to express your patriotism and your Irish heritage.

New festivals have also emerged, bringing fresh opportunities for fun, socializing, and learning about Celtic culture…

Getting in touch with your family history can be very fulfilling, and you’ll move closer to this worthwhile goal when you embrace Celtic culture in a stimulating group setting…

Many festival attendees leave with a deeper understanding of the roots…

Those of Irish ancestry often choose jewelry that reminds them of their heritage – such as the Born USA, 100 percent Irish charm, shown at left.

Finding a special piece of Celtic jewelry to wear to a festival can actually be a perfect way to get psyched up for the event.

Celtic Festivals Celebrate Your Heritage

The Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish token of affection...we offer a charming birthstone design in affordable silver...

The best Celtic festivals evoke the spirit of Ireland, Scotland and Wales – these Celtic countries are honored through lively dance, joyous music, and a host of other activities.

You can expect to enjoy fun pancake breakfasts, pub socials, arts & crafts, and informative lectures and seminars.

From readings by great Celtic authors, to family parades…America’s Celtic roots are exposed and revered through the vibrant spirit this rich culture!

The best Irish and Celtic musicians, dancers, artists, authors, and poets all converge on these festivals, sharing their talents with the crowd.

At some festivals, Highland Games are performed by modern-day participants, and children’s faces are painted with Celtic symbols (such as the Irish Claddagh symbol shown on the Claddagh ring at left) before they enjoy pony rides or parades.

Whether your focus is on family fun or grown-up pleasures – you will create memories to last a lifetime when attend a Celtic festival!

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Once you do this, you’ll always be aware of festivals in your own area. If you’re planning a holiday in another state, you’ll also be able to plan ahead and take advantage of some fun festival spirit wherever you’re going. We’ve done all the work, so that you don’t have to!

Since March is all about Saint Patrick’s Day, there are events galore planned all over the USA. Around March 17th (this year’s date for St. Paddy’s!), you’ll find amazing events scheduled in Florida, Texas, and Illinois (to name just a few).

As you can see, now is the very best time to sign up for easy, instant reminders. We’ll help you decide which festival works best for you, by presenting your with every possible option.

We Want To Help You Connect With The Rich Culture Of Your Irish, Scottish, and Welsh Ancestors

This silver charm features the Trinity Knot - an ancient Celtic symbol of faith and love...

This new initiative is part of our commitment to you – as well as providing the most authentic, handcrafted Celtic jewelry designs, we also have another mission – we want to help you connect with your own ancestry.

There is truly no better way to learn more about your heritage than through the study of Celtic symbolism (these meaningful designs decorate our Celtic rings, Celtic charms, Celtic earrings, and Celtic pendants) – and through the beauty of Celtic music, dance, food & drink – and these are best enjoyed at a true Irish or Celtic festival.

Explore your ancestral roots, while also living in the moment…being able to do both of these important things at once is really what makes these festivals so memorable and wonderful!

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