Experience The Beauty Of Celtic Interlace

Sometimes, the most treasured jewelry is subtle, refined, and delicate…often, the pieces you choose to wear each day have the purest elegance and simplicity.

This 14k gold and diamond Celtic ring is destined to become an everyday favorite that is always a pleasure to wear.

A stunning mixture of intricate design and ancient symbolism, this pretty and meaningful Celtic band provides feminine charm in abundance.

A streamlined shape provides the perfect backdrop for finely-wrought Celtic knot work…diamonds are scattered along the surface, reflecting the light and calling attention to the painstaking craftsmanship of the piece…

Your Celtic ring will be handmade by artisans in the Emerald Isle…it will also be assayed, or stamped, in the hallowed halls of historic Dublin Castle.

If you’re looking for a special ring you can treasure for a lifetime, this may be the ideal choice. As a wedding band, an engagement ring, or a lovely right-hand ring, this beautiful design will offer sophistication and style that is also filled with historical significance.

The Irish and Celtic monks of the Middle Ages displayed their faith and spirituality through the design of hypnotic interlace patterns – in time, these special motifs began to appear on art treasures, monuments, and manuscripts.

Today’s goldsmiths honor this ancient tradition by incorporating knot work into each and every ring they make. Each line flows into the next, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things…

Themes of eternity, life-force, and the power of the Creator are all explored in this unique, latticework style. You can capture this Celtic art form for your own when you wear a knot work ring…

Surprisingly affordable, the quality and individuality of this golden band will ensure that is takes on true sentimental value. You may find that this simple, but striking, design allows you to connect with your own heritage.

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