Crossroads Irish-American Festival – San Francisco (March 2011)

The Crossroads Irish-American Festival is a San Francisco, California event that takes place during the first two weeks of March.

This year’s festival promises a rich bounty of music, dance, and Irish hospitality.

This celebration will be in its eighth year, and it is devoted to the exploration of Irish (and Irish-American) heritage, primarily through the arts.

The 2011 Crossroads Festival is still in its planning stage – we’re bringing you this special sneak peek so you know it’s on the horizon – just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.

You can expect fascinating oral histories of Irish-American people in San Francisco (the festival organizers are building an archive!), as well as workshops, song and dance for children, and live performances for all ages on the festival’s main stage.

If you’re looking for ways to enrich your understanding of your own Irish heritage, you’ll really enjoy this highly-acclaimed festival.

Visit the festival website for more details about this exciting event…