Add A Touch Of Celtic Tradition To Your Valentine’s Day Proposal

Are you proposing this Feb. 14th? If so, you’re not alone…the romantic spirit of Saint Valentine inspires countless offers of marriage on this very special occasion.

Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring is the most important step to making a proposal amazing…however, adding a little Celtic flavor to “popping the question” can make it even more meaningful!

If you or the woman you love are of Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage, you can create an unforgettable moment by combining the beauty and authenticity of a Celtic engagement ring with the romantic sentiments of the ancient Celts.

After all, no culture is more renowned for their love of language, poetry, music and literature.

This rich and colorful history offers all manner of special touches – by choosing to propose in true Celtic fashion, you can channel the spirit of past centuries.

We’ve put together some tips and tricks on creating the most romantic experience possible for this Valentine’s Day.

Since the remains of Saint Valentine rest in the Emerald Isle (at Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin), February 14th is such an appropriate day to mark this memorable milestone in your relationship:

Finding The Perfect Celtic Engagement Ring

You can’t go wrong when you choose a traditional Celtic engagement ring! Here are some of the most beautiful styles we offer – each is designed to appeal to your intended’s sense of romance and history – each is sure to please her as you get down on bended knee:

Bold And Beautiful Celtic Style She’ll Adore

This Celtic Knot engagement ring is guaranteed to please a woman who enjoys original style with a touch of boldness.

Available in 18k white or yellow gold, this traditional engagement ring gets an added shot of beauty from a polished setting engraved with delicate Celtic Trinity Knots.

Each knot is composed of three identical segments that symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This meaningful design is sure to please any woman interested in Celtic lore and mythology. The symbols found on this classic design can be traced back to the 6th century, when they began to appear on art treasures and stone monuments.

Offer a sense of “story” (and history!) with this unforgettable design. You can choose from two sizes of diamonds, or even buy the setting alone, if you’ve already purchased a gemstone. Contact us for more information…

Make Her Feel Like A Royal Princess With This Fashionable Design

Ever since Prince William proposed to the lovely Kate Middleton with his late mother’s sapphire ring, brides-to-be have considered choosing this deep-blue, precious gemstone for their own engagement rings.

While Diana’s marriage was star-crossed, it is quite certain that her son’s will be far more stable and happy.

Kate and William are a long-time couple with every expectation of a lifetime of joy together…their obvious affection for one another is charming to witness…

As the Royal Wedding nears, the sapphire engagement ring will become the hottest trend for spring and summer brides. Thrill the woman you love by giving her this beautiful sapphire Celtic engagement ring on Valentine’s Day.

Adorned with Trinity Knots, a central, shimmering sapphire, and two icy white diamonds, this ring truly has it all.You’ll love the look on her face as she sees her engagement ring for the very first time. Make her feel like a royal princess with this amazing ring.

Adding Some Celtic Magic To Your Feb. 14th Proposal

You don’t have to go to a lot of trouble creating the right atmosphere, as long as you’ve found the perfect Celtic engagement ring.

Your proposal can be made more special by simply tucking a little note into the ring’s special gift box – consider writing (or speaking!) some words in Gaelic – Mo Anam Cara is a great choice here.

These words mean, My Soul Mate, and they will become a part of your proposal forever. You can even choose a gent’s wedding band engraved with the same meaningful words.

Some other great ideas include – playing some lovely Irish music – it doesn’t have to be a traditional “drinking tune” – in fact, it probably shouldn’t be that sort of song! Instead, opt for modern Irish music, such as Enya’s classic Orinoco Flow:

Keeping your Celtic proposal subtle and romantic will help Cupid’s arrow hit its target on Valentine’s Day. A simple line of Gaelic script, some dreamy music, sung by an Irishwoman, and perhaps some Irish Coffees or pints of Guinness will be all you need to celebrate this incredible moment on Feb. 14th.

If you’re of Scottish or Welsh heritage, simply adjust these tips for your ancestral country. For example, Scottish music, tartans (you could wear a kilt!), and a couple of drams of whiskey could make things special. A bunch of wild Scottish Heather tied with a ribbon would make a lovely keepsake as you ask her to be your wife.

For those of Welsh ancestry, consider downloading some traditional Welsh harp music or folk music, and serving some Welsh rarebit or Bara Brith (sweet cakes), along with a lovely cup of tea or other beverage. Simply taking the time to add these little details will make your proposal special.

Pamper her and make her feel like a queen before you ask her to marry you on Valentine’s Day. And be certain to let her know what the Trinity Knots on her new engagement ring signify!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Irish Celtic Jewels!