You’ll Love Our Stunning New Tree Of Life Collection

For centuries, the Celts have used the Tree of Life symbol to illustrate their spirituality and their belief in eternity. This mystical symbol celebrates the sacred power of three – a very important number in Celtic mythology…

Each part of the Tree of Life has symbolic value – its roots represent the underworld, its trunk is a symbol of the earth plane, and its branches and leaves illustrate the celestial realm.

These three elements all comprise the circle of life – from our birth, to our death and spiritual rebirth…

Celebrate The Beauty Of Nature With These Lovely Designs

Love of nature is another important theme in Celtic culture – in poetry, songwriting, literature, and art, the sanctity of nature is valued and embraced by the people of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

This ancient tradition continues today, as Irish artisans handcraft this stunning Celtic jewelry collection for a new generation…

By choosing this beautifully-wrought silver Celtic Tree of Life Pendant or matching earrings, you will be connecting with a vital part of your own Celtic heritage. Thousands of years of history and culture are found in the delicate Tree of Life motif.

Special Trinity Knot Detailing Adds Even More Mystical Meaning…

This design has even more symbolic value – its branches are shaped into lovely Celtic Trinity Knots – these ancient symbols represent the Holy Trinity.

In fact, the Trinity Knot is one of the most revered and enduring symbols of the Celts. It is believed that monks created this important motif to show their faith – during the sixth century A.D., this three-part symbol began to appear on art treasures, manuscripts, and the ringed Celtic crosses of the British Isles.

Today, the Trinity Knot remains a powerful statement of spirituality…

Matching Earrings Are A Feminine, Elegant Gift Idea For This Christmas

Each affordable pendant or Tree of Life earrings is adorned with pretty green gemstones that add a touch of shimmer and color to an already beautiful design.

Each piece we offer is carefully crafted by hand, by Irish artisans who spend years learning their art.

As well, each pendant or pair of earrings is assayed (stamped) at Dublin Castle. If you’re looking for a feminine design that will become a treasured favorite, you will be thrilled with the quality and authenticity of our Tree of Life collection.

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From affordable sterling silver, to luxe diamonds and 14k karat gold…we provide options for every taste and budget. Each piece you order will also arrive in a pretty gift box!