The Rock Of Cashel

Ireland is renowned for its natural and architectural wonders…one of these is the beautiful Rock of Cashel.

Located in South Tipperary, this historic attraction was the home of Munster’s kings in the centuries preceding the Norman Invasion.

In fact, one of Ireland’s most well-known royals, Brian Boru, reigned from the Rock of Cashel, where he was a noted patron of the arts.

He supported poets and musicians, pushing forward the already-rich legacy of Irish song and verse.

About The Fortress

This fascinating site is composed of many stunning elements – heavy stone walls enclose ancient Cormac’s chapel, the remains of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and a high, round tower.

The fortress itself is a potent symbol of the power and influence of the monks and nobility of ancient Ireland.

Inside the Rock of Cashel’s Hall of Vicars, you will find an ancient relic of great importance…the Cross of Saint Patrick, worn and battered by time, rests on a stone pedestal…

Once you enter the gray stone walls, crosses, Celtic symbolism, bas-relief sculptures, and a rugged stone facade offer an authentic and memorable taste of the Middle Ages.

One of the Emerald Isle’s most popular historic attractions, this unforgettable fortress also features a beautiful, 21st century library.

Nearby Cashel Village Offers Irish Charm To Tourists

Once you’ve finished your adventure at the Rock of Cashel and strolled the rugged surrounding landscape, you can also take in the wonders of Cashel Village.

The charming township offers a wide range of shops, restaurants, and services.

This folk village offers a unique opportunity to peruse traditional thatched cottages, museums, and chapels – some of these buildings were carefully restored to capture the charm of the Celtic medieval era.

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