Honor The True Spirit Of Christmas With A Celtic Cross Charm

Celtic beauty and the true spirit of Christmas come together in this exquisite Celtic charm. Adorned with a single cross, this handcrafted design is a touching and poignant illustration of faith.

If you wear a Celtic charm bracelet, or know a special women who does, consider choosing this unique and symbolic silver bead.

Each Celtic Cross is accented with green gemstones, and also features a single Trinity Knot at its center – this ancient Celtic symbol represents the Holy Trinity.

The Celtic spiral setting of this affordable piece also offers even more spiritual significance. Each turn of the spiral represents the journey through birth, death, and spiritual rebirth.

Life-force and eternity are symbolized by the gentle curves of the spiral. This motif appears on many important Celtic landmarks, including the burial mounds at Newgrange, an Irish Passage Tomb.

At this historical site, visitors celebrate the Winter Solstice by traveling through the passageway, which is illuminated by a special skylight. At the moment of the solstice, light floods the chamber, illuminating it from above.

This unforgettable event is so special, visitors enter a lottery to be chosen for entrance during the Winter Solstice.

As you can see, thousands of years of Celtic art, history, and culture are all referenced in this handmade charm.

For any woman who takes pride in her Celtic heritage, a Celtic Cross charm can become a prized part of her jewelry wardrobe.

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