Celebrate The Celtic Trinity Knot With This Handmade Ring

Make the new year special by choosing this stunning and elegant Celtic Trinity Knot diamond ring!

Ancient symbolism adds beauty and meaning to a classic solitaire design…a shimmering round diamond is flanked by two perfect Trinity Knots

Since the sixth century, the Celtic Trinity Knot has illustrated the Holy Trinity. Each of its three identical segments represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

If you’re looking for a special Celtic engagement ring that also honors your Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage, you’ll find this exquisite, handcrafted design is the perfect blend of modern style and medieval design!

About The Ring

Every Celtic diamond ring we offer is made by hand in Ireland, by artisans who understand and respect the ancient tradition of masterful metal work. In fact, for centuries, the Irish have been world-renowned for their skill and artistry in this medium.

Today, precious metals and gemstones are carefully wrought with the old symbols, while smooth, expertly polished settings hold beautiful diamonds securely in place.

Romantic Celtic jewelry evokes the spirit of the past – its motifs honor life-force, eternity, faith, and undying love…

Every detail of this meaningful design is honed and perfected – this Trinity Knot ring is designed to last for a lifetime.

Many women consider their Celtic diamond rings to be heirlooms that will be passed down through the generations…in fact, these rings often take on a great deal of sentimental value…

Customize Your Ring For The Perfect Effect

This lovely ring is designed for comfort, according to the highest standards of quality. Each piece is stamped, or assayed, at historic Dublin Castle. For your convenience, this design is available in either 14k or 18k white gold.

This sleek, timeless finish is the perfect complement to icy white diamonds and the simple, but striking, Trinity Knot setting.

By choosing the purity of gold you really want, you can customize your ring so that it’s exactly right for you.

A Few Tips For Buying Online

Many women dream of an authentic Celtic engagement ring – however, they may be wary of buying a ring online. Concerns about proper sizing and finding a reputable dealer may stand between them and the ring of their dreams.

By ordering from Irish Celtic Jewels, and following some simple sizing guidelines, you can be assured of quality – and a proper fit. Here are some ways to find the right size before you order:

  • Try On A Few Engagement Rings Locally – Go to local jewelers, try on some rings, and take careful notes on the sizes that work best for you. Since sizing is standardized, you will be more confident about ordering online once you know which “number” you are.
  • Contact Us – We understand your concerns, and we are always there to help guide you through the process. Our tradition of excellent customer service has made us one of the most respected online jewelers in Ireland. Use our years of expertise to your advantage – call or email us with any questions.