A Stunning Celtic Diamond Ring For Her

This stunning Celtic engagement ring is one of the most beautiful and classic designs we offer. Adorned with a perfect row of three gorgeous round diamonds, this unique Celtic band also features delicate Trinity Knot detailing.

For centuries, the ancient Celtic Trinity Knot has been one of the most important symbols in the art, history, and culture of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Each part of the three-segment Trinity Knot symbolizes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

If you’re looking for the perfect diamond design, this ring will be a dream come true. Each design is handcrafted in Ireland itself, by master craftspeople who respect the time-honored tradition of stellar Irish metal work.

Since the 6th century, Irish goldsmiths have been revered for their skill and mastery. The same brilliance and attention to detail that brought forth art treasures, such as the Tara Brooch, is still present in today’s modern Celtic jewelry designs.

The old symbols are used in new ways, adding a modern twist that makes today’s diamond Celtic rings a perfect melding of past and present.

These symbols of the Holy Trinity add spirituality, deeper meaning, and a sense of heritage to the design. Flanking a row of shimmering precious gems, each Trinity Knot reflects the light, highlighting the shine and purity of the diamonds.

Available in 14k white gold, or two-toned yellow and white gold, this versatile ring can be worn as a right-hand ring, an anniversary ring, or an engagement ring…

You will always treasure your 3-stone diamond ring – it will be worn with pride, and it will honor your own ancestry each time it is worn. This romantic design is meant to evoke the spirit of your own people.

Each diamond ring is assayed at the beautiful and historic Dublin Castle – the purity and quality of the materials are second to none.

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