You’ll Love The Beauty And Symbolism Of Our New Celtic Pendant

For centuries, Celtic warrior shield symbols have been used to illustrate strength and loyalty. This stunning new Celtic pendant honors the brave spirit of the ancient Celts with its unique engravings and bright, golden shield.

Inspired by the Ardagh Chalice, an Irish war treasure made of precious metals and adorned with Celtic motifs, this special silver and 18k gold-plated design offers authentic beauty and painstaking craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade in the Emerald Isle, by artisans who respect the legacy of masterful Celtic metal work.

Delicate Celtic interlace (knot work) borders a gold plated center, offering two-toned beauty that will also blend perfectly with your whole jewelry wardrobe. Rich ornamentation and a gorgeous, central Celtic shield design make this necklace totally unforgettable.

You can also build a unique and beautiful jewelry collection by adding our matching Celtic earrings and Celtic wedding rings. If you’re getting married, consider choosing this suite of lovely pieces as your special bridal accessories – you will even be able to select a matching, 14k gold wedding band for your groom-to-be!

Our Celtic pendant looks very expensive, due to its handcrafted quality and exquisite scrollwork – however, it is really very affordable. Building a collection of reasonably-priced and lovely Celtic pieces will be easy to do.

Choosing this stunning pendant, or another design from our Celtic shield collection, will be a wonderful way to connect with your Irish, Welsh, or Scottish heritage. Celebrate the strength and individuality of your ancestors with these wearable designs.

For more pretty Irish and Celtic jewelry, browse our online Irish jewelry store. Every piece we offer is made by hand in Ireland, and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.

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