The Beauty Of The Celtic Trinity…Now In A Three-Piece Set

Affordability meets handcrafted beauty in our stunning silver and pearl Trinity Knot set. A ring, a pendant, and a pair of earrings offer coordinated sophistication and ancient Celtic symbolism.

For women who enjoy connecting with their Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage, the spiritual meaning of the Trinity Knot can be a pathway to a deeper understanding of Celtic culture.

The History Of The Celtic Trinity Knot

Since 600 A.D., the Trinity Knot has adorned priceless art treasures and decorated the Celtic crosses that stand in the churchyards of the British Isles. This motif features three identical segments, each one honoring the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.

This symbol is crafted in a unique style known as Celtic interlace – the style evolved during the Insular Art period.

Ever connected, the curving lines of this timeless design seem to flow endlessly into one another, illustrating eternity and life force…this hypnotic and mystical style was developed by monks, who wished to revere God through their masterworks.

Beautiful Irish manuscripts and artifacts (such as The Book Of Kells and The Tara Brooch), are other examples of Insular Art.

This Coordinated Set Is A Lovely Example Of Authentic Celtic Design

Today, the artisans of Ireland carry on the traditions of Insular Art, by handcrafting jewelry embellished with Celtic symbols.

The addition of creamy, genuine pearls adds luster and a touch of femininity to the ornate, Trinity Knot settings.

For versatile beauty that truly captures the essence of your ancestors, this affordable 3-piece set is the ideal choice.

Each ring, pendant, and pair of earrings is crafted in Ireland itself, and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle.

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