A Silver And Celtic Knot Pearl Necklace To Cherish

Silver and pearls are a beautiful combination…each precious element adds shine, dimension and glow to this unique Celtic pendant!

The perfect blending of ancient and modern-day, this stunning necklace offers a touch of sleek sophistication…it is truly the ideal finishing touch to any outfit.

Creamy white pearls are timeless and feminine – when interspersed with pretty silver orbs, they become surprisingly stylish. Each sterling silver bead is also adorned with tiny, expertly crafted Trinity Knots.

These symbols of the Holy Trinity have decorated Celtic art treasures and monuments since 600 A.D. In fact, the Trinity Knot, with all of its spiritual significance, remains one of the most enduring symbols of the British Isles.

This necklace is lovely on its own – but it can also be part of a beautiful, three-piece set. Matching Celtic bracelet, drop Celtic earrings, and Celtic stud earrings can be collected over time, or bought all at once for a coordinated look.

Luckily, affordable silver makes collecting easy to do. Each piece is handcrafted and stamped in Ireland itself!

If you are looking for a way to connect with your own ancestry, a Celtic pendant can be a great way to begin. Many women find that their Celtic jewelry takes on great sentimental value.

In fact, learning about the ancient symbols and their meanings can become the first step to a deeper understanding of your own Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage.

Explore your roots by learning more about Irish and Celtic symbols…visit our online Irish jewelry store and read our blog posts for more information about your heritage…