Showcase Your Favorite Charms With The Tara’s Diary Necklace

If you love collecting charms for your own charm bracelet, you will adore this wonderful new Celtic charm necklace. Designed to display a selection of pretty charms from the Irish Tara’s Diary Collection, this fine silver chain is an innovative and modern way to get the most out of every charm you own.

You can change the configuration of charms depending on what color you are wearing, or what mood you are in! A special setting makes it easy to change things up, while keeping your treasured charms safe and sound.

This necklace is handmade in Ireland, by artisans who put painstaking care into every piece they create. In fact, each chain is assayed (stamped) at beautiful and historic Dublin Castle.

When you choose art glass, enamel, birthstone or sterling silver charms from this amazing collection, they will also be handcrafted and stamped in Ireland.

Peerless quality and true authenticity are the hallmarks of fine Irish jewelry design, and this lovely and original necklace is a perfect way to honor your own ancestry!

Just a charm or two can be the ideal way to start building a beautiful collection. You can even choose a starter Celtic bracelet to go with your necklace. Then, depending on what you wish to wear each day, you can transfer charms between the two pieces.

In time, as you celebrate milestones in your life with new charms, you can create a matching bracelet and necklace, both adorned with the symbols of the ancient Celts.

Whether you are of Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage, you will be able to appreciate the delicate Trinity Knots (such as those on the pretty Celtic teacup charm at left), Celtic spirals, and other motifs that reference thousands of year of Celtic art and history.

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