How To Save Money While Traveling In Ireland

Enjoying a holiday in Ireland can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. By learning some tips and tricks, you can streamline your travel, accommodation, food and entertainment costs.

After all, everyone who visits Ireland doesn’t stay in five-star hotels or indulge in high-cost activities. Visiting Ireland on a budget requires some planning, discipline, and maybe a few compromises – however, you can still enjoy an unforgettable holiday you’ll remember with real fondness.

The natural beauty of the countrysides, seasides, cities and villages of Ireland offer spectacular views and access to free outdoor activities (such as hiking). Getting out and exploring on foot also makes it easier to meet the charming and friendly people Ireland is so famous for!

Casual pub fare, pints of Guinness, and accommodations that offers money-saving amenities can all contribute to a budget holiday you’ll really enjoy. Here are some great ways to cut costs while touring Ireland:

Avoid A Summer Holiday

Obviously, everyone wants to experience the best possible weather when they travel to Ireland. For this reason, the summer season is the most popular, and the most expensive. By choosing a spring or early autumn holiday and avoiding the “high season”, you can get lower rates, and still enjoy weather that is pleasant.

A winter vacation to Ireland can actually be quite romantic – if you enjoy colder weather. Just imagine how lovely an Irish castle appears when it is covered in light snowfall. Spending Christmas in Ireland can be a wonderful way to experience the magic and spirituality of the country.

B & B’s Offer More Value Than Pricey Hotels

Many tourists who seek out a lower-priced holiday in the Emerald Isle are pleased to discover that B & B’s offer a lot of charm, cleanliness, and affordability. There are many ways to ensure that the B & B you select is first-rate.

From hobby farms with delicious local produce, to bed and breakfast Inn’s right in the heart of Dublin…there is truly something for everyone. Research local business and tourist associations, and look for B & B’s that are highly-rated – customer reviews can be an important way to find out the various pros and cons of potential accommodation.


By visiting Ireland and participating in festivals, you can experience local color, music, dance, and culture without spending a lot of money. Since public festivals are generally affordable, you can often enjoy live entertainment and a convivial atmosphere without a big cash outlay.

Some examples of popular, yearly Irish festivals include exciting Halloween celebrations, the Ulster Bank Theatre Festival (held each September), and (naturally) a fun-filled Saint Patrick’s Day Festival in March. These festivals can be a great way to enjoy yourself, meet new friends, and save money. Cheap pancake breakfasts, free parades, and talented local musicians offer plenty of Irish hospitality and spirit to those on a shoestring budget!

Picnics Are Romantic – And Inexpensive

The lush, soft, emerald green grasses of Ireland have inspired poets and musicians for centuries. Enjoy dining al fresco while staying in Ireland – you can visit local markets and find wonderful cold meats, breads (soda bread is delicious, and an Irish favorite), and cheeses.

Enjoying an outdoor meal in a lovely park is a great way to connect with nature while touring the Emerald Isle. Instead of wasting money on chic bistros or costly restaurants, make a picnic and seek out a perfect spot for lunch or dinner. Keeping healthy snacks, such as fruit, crackers, and carrot sticks, on hand can quell hunger as you explore.

Be organized and figure out how to stretch your dollar by seeking out affordable food and drink as you travel. For some (especially families with many mouths to feed), renting an apartment or home while in Ireland can be cost-effective. Having access to a fridge and stove and preparing simple meals can save a fortune!

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