Celebrate The Magic Of Christmas…With “His And Hers” Silver Claddagh Rings

Christmas is a wonderful time to show your partner just how much they mean to you

The magic of the season, with its twinkling lights, snowy nights, and festive air, can really lend itself to romance.

Take advantage of this inspiring holiday by choosing special “his and hers” Claddagh rings as a symbol of your love. By giving your partner a special ring that illustrates your loyalty, affection, and devotion, you will truly capture the essence of the holiday season.

The Claddagh Story

Once you’ve learned the poignant story of the very first Claddagh Ring, you will never forget it!

The first ring was created by an Irish fisherman, Richard Joyce, who worked on a vessel far from his native Galway. He was kidnapped at sea, close to Moorish lands, and then he was forced into slavery by a local goldsmith.

Though his situation was dire, Joyce never forgot his one true love, a woman named Margaret – she also waited faithfully for him in Galway.

To show his love, the fisherman-turned-goldsmith crafted a special ring adorned with a unique, crowned-heart-and-hands motif. The crown was for loyalty, the hands symbolized affection and a giving spirit, and the heart…well, the heart was his heart, which never stopped longing for her.

In time, Joyce was released from slavery, and he returned to Ireland, with Margaret’s Claddagh ring in his pocket. When he saw her, he placed it upon her finger, and they were never parted from that day onward…their faith in one another had been justified, and they were rewarded with a lifetime of true love…

Today’s Artisans Have Crafted Stunning New Takes On The Traditional Claddagh Ring

These beautiful silver rings honor the past and the Claddagh story…they also offer modern style elements that make them more fashionable and easy to wear.

Crafted of affordable fine silver, our matching “his and hers” bands are wonderful as friendship rings, promise rings, or wedding rings. The ladies Claddagh ring shown at left is rich with detail…all the symbols of the Claddagh are represented.

Each ring is made by hand in Ireland, with painstaking attention to detail. These stunning designs won’t “disappear” on the hand – they will be noticed and admired for years to come.

The quality and authenticity of each piece is illustrated by a special stamp, or Irish hallmark, which can be found on the inside of every handcrafted band – this stamp is applied at the Assay office of historic Dublin Castle.

Special knot work details add even more Celtic beauty to this Claddagh band.

For centuries, Celtic knot work, or interlace, has been used to add ornate appeal to art treasures and stone and metal works.

Often, Celtic interlace symbolizes eternity…for this reason, it is the perfect complement to this romantic ring…

Give Your Special Man A Matching Band He’ll Truly Enjoy Wearing…

Today, men are also interested in ancient symbols and their meanings. Your true love will be fascinated by the special engravings on this men’s silver Claddagh band.

In fact, telling him the story of the first Claddagh ring can be a wonderful way to add a sense of history to your present.

When you both wear the same comfortable, versatile design, you will always be reminded of one another, and of all the memories you’ve created together.

Many men prefer sleek silver jewelry, as it blends well with casual and more formal clothes. Your guy will enjoy adding a little style to his everyday routine by putting on his new ring. In fact, he may not take it off very often (if at all!).

This Christmas, take your cue from Richard Joyce, a simple Irish fisherman who really understood love and loyalty. Make Christmas romantic with our new, “his and hers” silver Claddagh bands. Each ring you order will be delivered in a lovely gift box.

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