An Irish Dancer Charm For Your Charm Bracelet

Collecting charms for a beloved charm bracelet can be a great pastime…many women enjoy honoring special events and milestones in their lives by choosing a charm to mark the occasion.

For women of Irish heritage, adding this beautiful Irish dancer charm to an existing bracelet (or our own Tara’s Diary Collection starter bracelet) can be inspiring. After all, Irish dance is a strong and vibrant part of Irish culture. Many girls with Irish ancestry learn to do the traditional steps associated with true Irish dance when they are very young.

This pretty silver charm is crafted by hand in Ireland itself – each piece is stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle. The smiling, dancing girl is made of sterling silver, and she is gently suspended from an elegant, Trinity Knot silver bead.

The Trinity Knots on the charm itself have their own meaning – since the sixth century, this three-part design has symbolized the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As you can see, this lovely and feminine design also carries deeper meaning…it celebrates Irish tradition…

If you own a charm bracelet, such as a Pandora bracelet, this charm will fit perfectly. If you know a little girl, or a grown woman, who adores Irish dance, you can be certain that this charm (and perhaps a starter bracelet as well!) will become a gift that is treasured forever and worn often.

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