Irish Heather

All over Ireland, soft bunches of pale-pink Irish Heather carpet the landscape, offering beauty that is unique to the Emerald Isle. This pretty and hardy plant is as much a part of Ireland’s natural splendor as the legendary soft green grasses, rocky cliffs, and churning seas…

Irish Heather is not to be confused with the Scotch variety, which is purple rather than pink. This Irish version is ideally suited to the climate of its native country – it can survive and thrive in the chill, rainy summers and gentle winters of the lush Emerald Isle…

In fact, Ireland is known for its stunning wildflowers, although progress and pollution have taken their toll on certain species. In windy, harsh areas, such as Ireland’s rocky Burren, rare and tender blossoms spring up through rough gray stone, adding unlikely shots of color to a stark landscape…

Daboecia Cantabrica – Irish Bell Heather

This plant thrives in acidic soil, and it was first discovered growing in Western Ireland. For almost half of each year, these plants bloom in phases through the summer and fall.

When fully developed, Irish Heather features prickly leaves in characteristic oval shapes. The spiky part of each leaf grows heavy with the bells of the blossoms – each spike can grow to half a foot in length.

Today, many gardeners enjoy planting this low-maintenance plant in their own yards, gardens, and containers. Since Irish Heather is so resilient, gardeners have lots of flexibility regarding where it is planted. These hardy flowering plants will not wither and die like a lot of other flowers. Instead, they will continue to thrive and look beautiful for months at a time!

Irish Heather Can Add Irish Spirit To Your Own Garden

While pale, soft-pink Irish Heather is the most well-known, there can be different shades and tones of blossoms, from bright cerise to silvery-white! When grown together, different types of Irish Heather will provide a stunning display of complementary colors. Covering large areas of a yard or garden with pretty Irish Heather can be an excellent way to bring a touch of Irish spirit into almost any area.

One key benefit of adding Irish Heather to your own personal “landscape” is the way it spreads rapidly and discourages the growth of weeds. To get the best results from your own gardening, bear in mind that Irish Heather thrives in full or partial sunshine, and that is grows best in soil that is well-drained and fertile.

If you’re looking for an original gift-giving idea, grow your own Irish Heather (or buy the plant from a grocer or florist) and re-pot it in an earthenware or ceramic container (one with a proper drainage system). Then, tie a ribbon (perhaps in emerald green grosgrain) around the top of the pot.

This very Irish gift can be a wonderful way to cheer up a friend or honor a housewarming, birthday, or other fun occasion. If you have Irish ancestry, you may find yourself drawn to this lovely plant – one that your ancestors also enjoyed!

Give The Gift Of Irish Beauty…With Irish Jewelry…

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