Glandore, Ireland – A Beautiful Vacation Destination

Ireland is world-renowned for its scenic beauty, historical landmarks, and warm, friendly people. Glandore, a tranquil village found in the West Cork region of the Emerald Isle, is one of the best examples of this Irish charm and uniqueness.

For tourists, a visit to Glandore (also known by its Gaelic name, Cuan Dor) can offer an opportunity to experience Ireland at its very best…

This quiet area provokes a sense of peace and contemplation – the gentle seascapes and picturesque harbor of Glandore offer an ideal backdrop for relaxing and unwinding.

Visitors will find a quaint village located a short distance from the harbor itself. In addition, the islands known as Adam and Eve are close by.

These islands help sailors find their way through the waters of the region. In fact, legend has it that sailors should “avoid Adam and hug Eve”. By following these instructions, seafarers can avoid trouble while boating.

Attractions In Glandore

One of the best historical attractions in the Glandore region is the nearby Drombeg Stone Circle. Also known as “Druid’s Altar”, this landmark is reminiscent of England’s legendary Stonehenge.

Discovered in the late 1950’s, Drombeg Stone Circle is composed of 17 stones that are designed to glow in the light of the waning sun during Winter Solstice.

This mystical and mysterious ring of stones is similar to those found elsewhere in Ireland (County Kerry has a similar landmark). Erected in the Bronze Age, the ring may be a remnant of Pagan worship rituals.

The site also features huts where Irish Pagans lived while at the site. In addition, there is evidence of a fulacht fiadh – a traditional outdoor cooking area. The area was obviously used as a gathering place for Bronze Age Irishmen, who probably built the ring of stones in honor of their Pagan faith.

Located less than two miles from Glandore proper, the ring of stones offers a fascinating glimpse of life in Ireland around 800-900 B.C.

More Things To See And Do…

Many visitors come to the village to enjoy the annual Glandore Classic Boat Regatta, held each July. These visitors take advantage of the village’s charming hotels, B & B’s, and traditional Irish pubs while they experience this nautical festival.

Glandore Harbour Yacht Club is a popular hub during the Regatta. During the celebration, beautiful examples of boating`s Golden Age are admired by aficionados. The event has grown over time, and it attracts sailors from all over the world, who arrive in classic yachts from another era…one highlight of this fun festival is the final parade at sea, and a fireworks celebration in the village…

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