Celebrate Your Ancestry With A Lovely Celtic Ring

Many women enjoy honoring their Celtic ancestry by wearing jewelry adorned with the symbols of Celtic culture. From Irish Claddagh symbols to Celtic spirals and Trinity Knots, there are many stories and legends attached to every Celtic motif.

In fact, Celtic jewelry references thousands of years of tradition, mythology, and history…

Today’s Irish artisans enjoy bringing the spirit of the British Isles to life with beautiful rings that are engraved with ancient symbols. The rings featured here are adorned with interlocking Trinity Knots for a rich, dimensional effect.

The master craftspeople of Ireland spend years learning how to incorporate the old symbols into fresh, innovative pieces that appeal to many different types of women. Whether you have a taste for modern, trendy style, or classic designs, you will find something to love about today’s pretty, meaningful Celtic rings.

The new designs featured here are perfect examples of Celtic artistry that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Diamonds, emeralds, and fine 14k gold are used to add richness, shimmer and luster to an ornate, Trinity Knot setting. These rings are also versatile – they can be worn as engagement rings (for women who don’t want a traditional, solitaire diamond ring), wedding bands, or pretty right-hand rings.

Every time you put on your 14k diamond and Celtic ring, you will be honoring your heritage and your own people. If you opt for the emerald version (shown at left) of this lovely gold Celtic ring, you will also get an added shot of color that evokes the vibrant green fields of the Emerald Isle.

Whichever you choose, you will soon find your ring to be an indispensable part of your jewelry wardrobe. Many women wear their Celtic rings every day, with pride…

Choosing your first piece of Celtic jewelry can be the beginning of a beautiful collection that serves as a poignant reminder of your own ancestors. The Celtic spirit is the very essence of poetry, art, music, dance, and romance! Capture this beauty by choosing one of these stunning rings – each is engraved with delicate Trinity Knots – these three-part symbols represent the Holy Trinity, and reference Celtic faith and spirituality.

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