Trinity Knot Beauty That Honors Your Celtic Heritage

Finding the perfect Celtic diamond engagement ring can be a labor of love…after all, these traditional designs offer a sense of heritage, old-world beauty, and handcrafted quality.

For many brides-to-be, choosing a special, Trinity Knot engagement ring can be an ideal way to honor Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestry.

This lovely new design offers a perfect blend of ancient and modern…the timeless appeal of a solitaire diamond is enhanced by delicate, Celtic knot work (also known as Celtic interlace).

This special style has a woven effect – each segment of the three-part Trinity Knot symbolizes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. For thousands of year, this symbol of the Holy Trinity has been revered throughout the British Isles. You will find it on art treasures, stone crosses, and ancient metal work.

Today’s Irish craftsmen bring a touch of modern style to traditional designs. They utilize sleek, sophisticated settings and smooth, highly-polished 14k gold bands to add fashionable new elements to enduring classics. For today’s discerning bride, a Celtic engagement ring can be a dream come true!

The icy beauty of a shimmering solitaire diamond is enhanced by two perfect Trinity Knots – one on each side – these ancient motifs add a sense of dimensional beauty that makes this ring truly unforgettable! If you’re looking for a ring that is different from the rest, travel back through the mists of time…the rituals and symbolism of the Celts continues to inspire and intrigue new generations…

Your Celtic diamond engagement ring will coordinate beautifully with our selection of Irish wedding bands. Your groom can also find the perfect wedding ring for your special day. We offer matching, his and hers wedding rings, as well as complementary styles that aren’t exactly the same…

Give your wedding a touch of ancient beauty with this gorgeous Trinity Knot ring…it may inspire you to add Celtic or Irish touches to your vows, decor, menu, and reception!