Experience Celtic Knot Work At Its Finest

The tradition of fine Celtic metal work dates back to the sixth century, when master artisans began to use delicate knot work (also known as interlace) to adorn their gold and silver designs.

Today, the legacy continues, as designers weave mystical patterns into rings, earrings and pendants. This gorgeous Celtic wedding ring is a perfect example of traditional Celtic craftsmanship.

Trinity Knots are made of shining 14k gold, and they highlight a single, shimmering emerald, surrounded by sparkling diamonds. This deep-green gemstone evokes the soft green hills of the Emerald Isle…

The symbolism in this signature design is also thousands of years old. The Trinity Knot (also known as the Triquetra) began to appear on landmarks, stone crosses, and art treasures throughout the British Isles. Each segment of the Trinity Knot represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This touching homage to the Holy Trinity is one of the Celtic people’s most important symbols.

If you’re looking for a special ring that really captures the essence of Celtic art, history, and design, you will love this unique style. Versatile and wearable, it is the perfect way to honor Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage.

This heirloom-quality piece can be worn as a wedding band or a pretty right hand ring. It coordinates with a variety of Celtic engagement rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. For a look at more complementary Irish and Celtic jewelry, please browse our convenient, online Irish jewelry store…

One thought on “Experience Celtic Knot Work At Its Finest

  1. What a beautiful Celtic wedding ring.

    The diamonds and emerald within this wedding ring bring a beautiful sparkle to an already exquisitely beautiful ring.

    This ring will be sure to invoke a great many compliments by everyone who sees it.

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