A Celtic Emerald Pendant To Treasure

This emerald pendant is designed to highlight the gemstone’s natural beauty…the pretty teardrop shape really shows off the bewitching depth and shimmer of this coveted gem…

The Trinity Knot setting adds sophistication, a sense of history, and touch of deeper meaning to this Celtic necklace.

For women with Celtic ancestry, choosing a piece of authentic Celtic jewelry can be the perfect way to honor Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage!

During the sixth century, the Trinity Knot began to appear in the British Isles – each of its three interlocking segments represented the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Trinity Knot (also known as the Triquetra) is one of the most recognizable Celtic symbols.

This beautiful, simple motif honors the Holy Trinity, and it can be found on ancient runestones, illustrated manuscripts (such as the Book of Kells), and historical landmarks.

Today, jewelry adorned with delicate Trinity Knots is the perfect way to enjoy the centuries-old art of Celtic interlace. This art form is hypnotic, mysterious, and mystical. Themes of eternity, faith, and love are woven into every line of this expert knot work.

This Trinity Knot pendant features a lab-created emerald for true affordability. The setting is 14k gold – your necklace will also be stamped, or assayed, at Dublin Castle! The best Celtic jewelry will always be crafted by hand in the Emerald Isle, and it will always feature a stamp, or hallmark, that proves its quality. We are proud to offer you jewelry that meets and exceeds these high standards.

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