A Celtic Diamond Pendant To Cherish

The best modern Celtic jewelry mixes elements of the past with current trends…the result is a wonderful combination of ancient symbols and fashionable details…

In this 14k Trinity Knot and Diamond pendant, the history and culture of the Celtic people are celebrated. The timeless Trinity Knot (a symbol of the Holy Trinity) is used as a centerpiece within a charming, feminine circular setting.

Two tones of 14k gold highlight the craftsmanship of this unique pendant. The Trinity Knot seems to float within two delicate circles of fine gold. Each segment of this special symbol illustrates the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

For centuries, the Trinity Knot has been used to embody the faith and spirituality of the Celts. This well-known symbol represents a belief in the circle of life, which includes life, death, and spiritual rebirth. This strong tradition of faith (and belief in eternity) is an important part of the history, mythology, and lore of the British Isles.

When you choose this stunning Celtic pendant, you will be connecting with your own Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage. Each pendant is crafted by hand by master artisans in the Emerald Isle – these craftspeople understand and honor the traditions of masterful metal-work…in fact, the Irish were known for their skill in this medium. Masterworks, such as the Irish Tara Brooch, are examples of this artistry and skill.

By using the symbols of the past and combining them with modern elements, such as a mixture of tones, today’s designers create signature pieces of heirloom quality.

The Trinity Knot is an example of Celtic interlace, a style that offers a mystical, hypnotic effect. Each part of the delicate Trinity Knot flows seamlessly into the next, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things…since the 6th century, interlace has been used (to great effect) on art treasures and illuminated manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells.

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