Celtic Jewelry Facebook Competition – September 2010

I’ve selected another 10 products from the Celtic jewelry store for this months Facebook competition.

To enter:
– view the album of product photos
– pick the one you like
– write your comment/story underneath the product
– If you enter, you CAN vote on your entry and any other entries
– use the “share” button to invite friends and family to come and vote for your entry

The comment can be anything including:

* You may have the item already and have a unique story about it
* You might have another item that contains the same symbolism
* You may just love Celtic jewelry and want to share your reasons for this
* You may just be fascinated by Celtic design
* Really, the reasons are endless…(just like Celtic knots ; )

To vote:
– any fan of the Celtic jewelry Facebook can vote
– to become a fan click the “Like” button at the top of the page
– to vote for an entry, simply click on the “like” button below the comments that the entrant has made
– all voters will receive a 15% discount for the store

To win:
– the entry with the most votes on September 23rd 2010, is the winner
– the winner will receive a FREE silver Celtic jewelry item. We’ve got 5 silver products to choose from:

Silver Pearl Set Trinity Knot Pendant
Silver Ribbon of Life Celtic Pendant
Silver Trinity Knot and Pearl Ring
Silver Birthstone Celtic Ring
Silver Claddagh Birthstone Ring

I look forward to seeing your entries over the next few weeks.

The best of luck. Get commenting and voting, here!