A Men’s Guide To Buying Celtic Jewelry

Men know that women enjoy receiving jewelry for special occasions…or simply as a token of affection. However, knowing exactly what to buy can be a challenge.

If you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry with Celtic details, we can help you narrow down your choices.

Different types of women enjoy different styles…looking at a woman’s wardrobe, accessories, and personal style can be important clues that make shopping easier…

What’s Special About Celtic Jewelry Designs?

Celtic spirals, shamrocks, Trinity knots, and Claddagh motifs are just a few popular symbols that appear on today’s rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Each one is an intrinsic part of the culture of the British Isles…

Each piece shown in our guide is handcrafted in Ireland itself, by artisans who respect the old traditions. In fact, every piece of jewelry found in our convenient, online jewelry store is stamped at Dublin Castle – one of Ireland’s greatest historical landmarks.

Here is our quick guide to finding the right jewelry for her…there is truly something for every taste and budget…

How To Choose The Right Piece For Her Personal Style…

Classic/Traditional –

If the woman you’re shopping for tends to favor subdued colors, such as beige, navy, taupe, and dark brown, she may fit this type.

Classic/traditional women will not go to extremes in their hairstyle, makeup, or accessories. Chic simplicity is what this type of woman is all about…

This type of woman will probably like well-cut trousers, skirts that hit the knee (or lower), and classic leather pumps or flat boots.

The jewelry that suits her style will be delicate, feminine, and sophisticated. Even her home decor may reflect her taste – neutral furniture, antiques, and classic dining room sets with sideboards may appeal to the classic/traditional woman…so what to buy?

Pearls are a wonderful way to show your wife (or any special woman in your life) just how much you care. For the classic/traditional woman, a lovely strand of pearls can become a treasured part of her jewelry wardrobe.

The Celtic Trinity Knot Pearl necklace shown above offers some stunning details that make it stand out without being too bold. Delicate silver orbs, engraved with tiny Trinity Knots, are interspersed with snow-white pearls for a modern effect that is still subtle and wearable.

In Celtic culture, the Trinity Knot is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Since the sixth century, each of its three interlocked segments have represented faith and eternity…

For the woman you love, a strand of Celtic pearls can be a gift of great sentimental value…for the woman who values tradition, they can be a perfect symbol of her heritage…

Modern/Trendy –

The modern/trendy woman will appreciate vibrant color and bolder details. She will probably enjoy reading magazines like Elle, Vogue, and InStyle.

Women with their fingers on the pulse of fashion will often enjoy wearing trendy clothes – skinny jeans, designer handbags, and funky shoes will be staples in the modern/trendy wardrobe.

If your wife or special lady enjoys Sex And The City, fashion magazines, and frequent outings to malls and boutiques that offer up the very latest in trendy style, she’ll really enjoy this Celtic Trinity Knot Birthstone Ring!

This silver ring has a sleek, modern finish that makes its gemstone center “pop”. Affordable, yet dazzling, this special piece offers ancient Celtic symbols and modern flair.

The best thing about this ring is the way it is customized just for her. Simply choose her month of birth and she’ll receive her special birthstone!

For more chic gift ideas that embody the spirit of the Emerald Isle, please visit our online Irish jewelry store…

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