Choosing The Best Irish Jewelry For Summertime

Every year, the advent of summer brings with it a sense of ease, freedom, and pleasure. Days at the beach, iced coffees at outdoor cafés, and relaxed summer vacations all promote a feeling of enhanced well being.

Our outward appearance can really change during this time – we spend more time outdoors, get more exercise, and change our wardrobes to accommodate the longer, hotter days and balmier nights.

For women, summer can be a great excuse to add lighter, breezier dresses, skirts, tops, and shorts to their closet. Finding the right accessories for the season can add even more style to a summer wardrobe.

As well, women tend to get a lot more sun during the summer months (even with the proper application of sunscreen) and skintones grow warmer and richer. Hair also takes on some natural golden or reddish highlights due to sun exposure.

Take advantage of your new summer glow by amping it up with the perfect ring, necklace, or earrings.

By adding a little sparkle and fun to your jewelry box, you can also make the most of your natural, sun-kissed summer beauty…remember, summery sleeveless tops and feminine sundresses are the perfect way to display a beautiful bracelet or pendant…

Complement Your “Beachy” Summer Look…With Irish Jewelry

If you love the warmth and ease of summertime, celebrate the season with Celtic jewelry. We’ve compiled a list of amazing pieces that really work with your suntan, sandals, and lightweight wardrobe…hit the beach or the clubs in style with the ideal accessories…

Our range of yellow gold, pearl, and gemstone designs will highlight your tan, bring out the varying tones in your hair, and generally add sparkle to your image. Semi-precious gemstones and glimmering diamonds add a touch of shimmer that is so appropriate for this carefree time of year.

The Perfect Claddagh Ring For Summertime…

Warm skintones radiate when they are highlighted with yellow gold jewelry…but this is truly a ring for all seasons.

This gorgeous Irish Claddagh Ring can be worn as an engagement ring, or simply an incredible “right-hand” ring you’ll always treasure. In fact, depending on how it is worn, the Claddagh Ring carries different meanings…

If you wear your ring with the crown facing outwards (away from you), you will show the opposite sex that you are available. If you wear the ring with the crown facing inwards (towards you), you will show that you are “taken”.

If you’re planning a wedding this summer, this might be a perfect ring for you. In Ireland, couples often exchange these rings on their wedding day, and sometimes the rings are passed down through the generations.

This summer, start your own tradition by choosing a 14k yellow gold Claddagh Ring, with a stunning, heart-shaped solitaire diamond.

This ring is considered a token of affection, and its heart-and-hands motif is an expression of love and fidelity.

More Fun Looks For Summer…

A pretty pearl bracelet is the perfect way to highlight a suntanned arm or show off a summery manicure. This Sterling Silver Pearl Celtic Knot Bracelet will look great with all of your summer clothes.

This bracelet features pure white pearls, accented with silver beads that feature delicate, Trinity Knot engravings.

The Trinity Knot, an ancient Celtic symbol of the Holy Trinity, is one of the most enduring motifs in Irish art and history.

Gorgeous Earrings For Summertime…

Gemstone earrings add a little shot of color, right where it is needed the most…emeralds will light up your face and call attention to your best features.

If you wear your hair up more in the summertime, 14k Emerald Trinity Knot Stud Earrings will be the perfect addition to any outfit.

Earrings really do make a woman look more polished and pulled together, and they are so feminine. These earrings are also very practical during the active summer months because of their sturdy stud design.

Three shining emeralds mark each segment of the Trinity Knot in this unique design…each segment symbolizes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These earrings are also available in yellow gold.

This summer, honor your Irish heritage a special piece of jewelry that evokes the past…whatever you choose will become a treasured piece you enjoy year-round…