Celtic Jewelry Facebook Competition Winner – June 2010

I’d like to thank all the entrants for this months Celtic jewelry competition.

The winner this month is Rebecca Thomas. Rebecca, you have won a FREE silver Celtic jewelry piece of your choice (please see terms here).

Rebecca, thank you for your great entry. I will contact you shortly on Facebook for your choice, and also to get your shipping details.

Here’s what Rebecca wrote:

I have a deep passion for anything Celtic. I love the era, I love the jewellery, I love the art… I love everything about it and believe i may of even been a druid in a past life… This ring symbolises my soul i believe.. It represents me. The fact that it is called a Warrior Ring even all the more so.. My life has not been easy, but I am not one to go into detail to try and win votes. Most of us have a hard time but I believe we must think our selves lucky because no matter what, there is always someone worse of than us.. with this theory, I have fought my way out of many emotional and life battles. I have been emotionally knocked to my knees time after time, We never know how strong we are until strength is all we have left. I love this ring. I just love it. So unfotunately i do not have a tale of woe, if it is meant to be it will be… absolutely stunning, and would be treasured greater than any one else could desire.


To thank everyone else that took part, I’d like to offer you a 10% discount for any Celtic jewelry piece on the Irish Celtic Jewels store. To avail of this discount, please enter this coupon code on the checkout page: facebookjune10

This coupon will be valid until July 14th, 2010.

Keep checking the Celtic jewelry facebook page over the next few days; I’ll be launching the July competition. This month I’ve made a change to the rules of the competition, which I think will make it a more exciting competition.

Also, if you have any ideas for different kinds of competitions for the Facebook page, please do let me know in the comments below. For any competition ideas that I use, you’ll receive a discount coupon.

Thanks again for all that took part this month, and congratulations to our winner, Rebecca.