Mother’s Day Celtic Jewelry Competition Winner

I’d like to thank all who took part in this special Mother’s Day Celtic jewelry competition. The entries continue to be really amazing, and as always it’s been impossible to choose a winner. It truly could have been a number of the entires, but I’ve had to go with the entry from Michelle Carolan Koch.

Michelle, you have won a FREE Sterling Silver Ribbon of Life Pendant with Pink CZ for your mother. I will contact you shortly on Facebook to get your shipping details.

I’d like to offer a 20% discount voucher to everybody that entered the competition. Please email me at and I’ll send on the coupon code.

To further celebrate Mother’s Day I’d like to offer all fans a 10% discount voucher for the store: The coupon code is: mothersday2010. This coupon will expire on May 20.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Here’s what Michelle wrote:

Several years ago I was deployed to Afghanistan for a year in the midst of a divorce and my father… See more’s throat cancer. At nearly 60, my mother suddenly found herself caring for my two children and my ailing father while worrying about me. She ferried my kids to school every day, took my son to early morning hockey practices and my daughter to evening dance classes while caring for my father through weeks of chemo and radiation. She made sure that when I called, I never knew how bad things were for her. This past year without warning, she suffered a heart attack – again while I was away for military training. I was devastated at the thought that I might not see her again and wondered if she knew how much I loved her – how much I still needed her. My mother is the backbone of our family; strong beyond measure. But on that day she reminded us all, that she was human and life is unpredictable. My mother survived and I am grateful beyond measure. I want her to know that I heard her all those times when she thought I wasn’t listening. I heard her tell me to do something with my hair. I hear her tell me that I could be anything I wanted. I heard her tell me to clean my room when I pretended I didn’t. I heard her tell me to wear clean underwear in case I got into an accident. I heard her tell me every day how much she loved me. I heard her tell me that one day when I had children I would understand. For all that she has done, for the sleepless nights, for the worrying, for the sorrow, for the joy, for the daily phone calls, for the laughter, for all the love she has given, she deserves to be reminded how precious her life is to us.