How To Help Your Groom Choose His Celtic Wedding Band

Wedding jewelry with Celtic details is special…it combines the symbols and meanings of ancient Celtic motifs with the very best in modern craftsmanship and design.

If your groom-to-be is looking for the perfect wedding band, you might want to consider a Celtic wedding ring design that honors his heritage. Handcrafted jewelry made in Ireland offers heirloom quality and authenticity that is truly second to none…

Sometimes, men aren’t sure what sort of ring they want to wear…luckily, you can help! By reading our quick guide to the best men’s wedding bands for this season, you can offer him some idea’s he’ll love.

Today’s men’s designs offer a series of styles and symbols…whether he enjoys rugged, masculine style or a smooth, sophisticated look, you will be able to find the perfect ring for him.

Some Things To Consider…

Width – If your guy has a heavier build, he may feel more comfortable with a wide band that balances his larger proportions. Consider bolder, wider bands that work with his body type.

If he’s thinner, then a slim band may be best for him. However, there are no hard and fast rules here – whatever he feels happy with will be the best choice.

Materials – Every man is different – some men really respond to the classic look of 14k karat yellow gold. Other men feel more modern and fashionable in sleek platinum, white gold, or silver.

Use his tastes, including his wardrobe, to determine which materials will work for him.

Sometimes, rings can even be custom-made to your specifications! But often, a two-toned ring offers the most versatility – yellow and white gold combine, adding beauty, richness…and practicality – any watch he wears will always coordinate.

Workmanship — Men appreciate fine workmanship…with Celtic jewelry, the traditions of master metal work go back a long way…from the sixth century onward, the artisans of Ireland were world-renowned for their skill and artistry.

Today, jewelry made by hand in Ireland offers the same painstaking craftsmanship and quality. Our rings are stamped (assayed) at Dublin Castle itself – we prove to our customers that the pieces we offer are the very best.

AffordabilityThe materials used in Celtic wedding bands come in at a variety of price points. Silver bands are the most inexpensive…however, they still offer beautiful craftsmanship and engraving.

Gold is more expensive, but so classic…and truly stellar materials, such as platinum, can also be used (by special order).

Great Choices For Your Groom-to-be:

Give him classic Irish style to last a lifetime…the traditional Claddagh ring is a timeless favorite he’ll really enjoy wearing.

Many Irish couples choose Claddagh rings in lieu of the expected, plain gold bands…the tender, romantic heart-and-hands motif is a symbol of affection that is uniquely Irish.

The first Claddagh ring was a symbol of undying love and faithfulness…bring this lovely tradition to life by choosing a Claddagh ring for your groom!

The Richness Of Two-Toned Gold…

This stunning men’s Celtic wedding band has a touch of modern glamour, as well as the ancient Trinity Knot motif – past and present meld beautifully in this very individual style!

The Trinity Knot is one of the most enduring and meaningful symbols of the Celtic people – each of its three segments represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This symbol of faith and eternity is a popular choice for today’s grooms – this sleek, polished band (in two tones of 14k gold) is truly a showpiece.

If he likes sophisticated style with a touch of old-world beauty, this band could be just right for him.

Affordable Style With Rugged Appeal…

You don’t need to break the bank to give your groom-to-be the very best! Affordable silver makes it all possible.

This rugged band is totally masculine – it features Celtic knot work and a “rope” motif along each edge.

This wide silver Celtic ring is substantial, stylish, and fun to wear! If he loves fashion and wants something a little different from the norm – this band could be the one.

A lower price doesn’t mean sacrificing quality – every silver band we sell is still crafted by hand from the finest materials.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at men’s wedding band designs…with a touch of Celtic flair. For more ideas, please visit our online jewelry store