The Best Celtic Bridal Jewelry For Your Wedding

Bridal BouquetSpring flowers and brighter days are often the first signals that the summer wedding season is approaching. According to statistics, many brides begin planning months before the actual ceremony, and the most popular wedding dates are those in June, July and August.

Finding the perfect bridal jewelry this spring can be a great way to get started on your summer wedding plans…it may also help to set a theme for your upcoming ceremony and reception.

If you’re planning on a wedding in the near future, Celtic jewelry can make your special day truly unforgettable. You may also enjoy adding other Irish or Celtic elements into your wedding ensemble, vows, and decorations…

The Significance Of Celtic Symbols In Today’s Bridal Jewelry…

Beautiful Claddagh Engagement Ring With Solitaire DiamondFor centuries, certain Celtic symbols and motifs have appeared on stone monuments, architecture, and art treasures.

The same symbols that have graced historic landmarks for generations now appear on modern bridal jewelry designs, lending a touch of ancient beauty to solitaire diamond rings, wedding bands, and pendants and earrings.

Today, popular choices include Irish Claddagh symbols (as engraved on the Claddagh engagement ring at left), Trinity Knot motifs, and warrior shield symbols. There are many different options available, depending on your taste and budget…

Honor The Past As You Begin A New Journey Together…

Celtic Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring with Trinity KnotsIf you’re of Irish, Scottish, or Welsh heritage, you can connect with your ancestry by choosing a piece of Celtic jewelry for your wedding day. If both of you share Celtic backgrounds, you can even choose matching wedding bands that share the same meaningful symbols.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of lovely bridal jewelry that is crafted by hand by the master artisans of Ireland. Each piece (such as the stunning sapphire Celtic engagement ring at left) is created using the finest precious metals and gemstones, and each design is stamped (assayed) at Dublin Castle.

We’ve also added in some fascinating information about the meanings of the symbols on each piece, so that you can understand the role of each design in Celtic history and culture.

Highlight A Gorgeous Wedding Dress With A Little Touch Of Ireland!

Shamrock Pendant With GemstonesSometimes, adding individuality to your wedding outfit can make it really special! If you’re proud to be of Irish ancestry, why not add a subtle (but charming!) Shamrock pendant to your ensemble. This affordable silver pendant will add a romantic touch to your entire look – it features three heart-shaped “leaves”, accented with CZ diamonds and emeralds that catch the light.

Saint Patrick used the shamrock to represent the Holy Trinity; each of its three segments illustrated the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He converted Pagans to Christ by showing them the way the sacred Trinity appeared all around them in the natural world…this tender plant has become synonymous with faith, spirituality, and Ireland itself…

Choose A Celtic Wedding Band Adorned With Symbols Of Strength And Protection

Celtic Wedding Ring With Warrior Shield SymbolsThis gorgeous Celtic ladies’ wedding ring offers true authenticity: the expertly rendered warrior shield symbols on the 14k gold band first appeared on the Ardagh Chalice, an Irish war treasure that was discovered in the early nineteenth century.

The symbols found on this ring can be traced back to 800 A.D., when historians believe the Chalice (a gold, silver and bronze cup) was created.

Warrior shield symbols are believed to be symbols of protection, strength, and loyalty. Many couples enjoy choosing matching wedding bands featuring these symbols, as men and women both appreciate the beauty and meaning of these ancient motifs.

Highlight Your Bridal Beauty With The Perfect Pair Of Celtic Earrings…

Celtic Ribbon Of Life EarringsBeautiful earrings that don’t overpower your veil, hair, and makeup can be the perfect finishing touch…these feminine, elegant Trinity knot earrings will be just right for the big day!

Each polished, 14k white-gold “ribbon” is accented with a row of shimmering diamonds, as well as a Trinity Knot in yellow gold.

The versatility of these unique earrings will make them a good investment. You will find yourself wearing these pretty pieces again and again…and each wearing will remind you of your own wedding day.

Like all handcrafted Celtic jewelry designs, these earrings have a true heirloom quality; they are designed to be enjoyed for generations.

Start a wonderful new tradition on your wedding day by choosing an Irish or Celtic ring, pendant, or earrings…

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  1. Can you provide any information on the Celtic Ribbon Trinity Knot earrings you picture aboveboard? Price, where I can purchase, etc. My husband bought me a pair that was gold with silver knot several years ago and I lost one. I and am trying to replace but can only find pictures of the silver with gold knot. Anything close would be great. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Donna McMahon

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