How To Add Irish Spirit To Your Mother’s Day Celebration

Trinity Knot and Birthstone Mother's PendantSometimes, special occasions can have a touch of sameness…making a celebration memorable may present a challenge.

If you’ve bought flowers or chocolates for your Mom every May 9th, why not get creative this year? If your Mom is of Irish heritage, you can honor your family history while making her Mother’s Day the best ever!

Adding a touch of the Emerald Isle (with all of its unique culture and history) to a Mother’s Day celebration can offer a sense of fun and a feeling of connection with the past…here are some great ways to add Irish traditions and spirit to your Mom’s big day:

Make Her A Special Dinner…

An open-air market in IrelandSome classic Irish recipes include Irish stew, soda bread, and maybe a pint of Guinness. Taking the time to cook your mother a special Irish meal on Mother’s Day can give the celebration a festive air!

If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day in a group, this sort of meal can be a hearty crowd-pleaser, as well as quite economical and easy to prepare.

If you’re not interested in cooking an elaborate meal, just enjoy an Irish coffee with your mother while you give her your gift. Delicious coffee made with Bailey’s Irish Cream will appeal to almost anyone…unless your mother is a teetotaler, you can be sure this creamy-smooth beverage will be a hit. A lovely pot of tea and an Irish dessert can be great options if your Mom doesn’t drink.

Create The Perfect (Gaelic) Atmosphere…

Tender Irish ShamrocksTo add charm to your meal or gift-giving experience, play some Irish music and explain to your Mom that you’ve been learning a little bit about your Irish history, and that you wanted to honor it on May 9th. Chances are, you’ll have a great heart-to-heart about your family genealogy, etc.

Putting together a scrapbook with family pics and fun captions can be a wonderful way to give a personal gift she’ll love – decorate the pages with Celtic knot work or Shamrocks to make it fun! Working on a family tree for the scrapbook might be a project the two of you can do together – leave a page in front of the scrapbook and grow the “tree” together!

Gifts That Inspire…And Evoke The Irish Spirit…

Beautiful Irish jewelry that is handmade in Ireland itself can be the penultimate Mother’s Day gift! Almost every woman enjoys receiving gorgeous jewelry – you can’t really go wrong here!

Luckily, Irish jewelry is the product of thousands of years of artistry in metal work – since the 6th century, the Irish have been world-renowned for their achievements with precious metals!

Here are some lovely options for Mother’s Day – all of them feature symbols that are important facets of the Irish culture:

A Gorgeous Irish Charm For Her Charm Bracelet Makes A Perfect Gift!

Trinity Knot Charm With GemstonesIf you can’t afford to spend an awful lot, but still want to give your Mom something beautiful, consider adding this stunning Celtic charm to her bracelet.

For many women, a charm bracelet really tells a story…its charms are symbols that represent milestones in life.

This charm will come to symbolize her love for you, and your love for her…as well, it is adorned with Trinity Knots that are symbols of faith and eternity…

This affordable present will honor her heritage and look perfect on her Pandora’s bracelet. If you want to get her started on a brand-new charm bracelet, check out our pretty starter Tara’s Diary bracelet and our entire selection of Tara’s Diary charms…and choose just the right one to mark this special occasion…Tara's Diary Charm Bracelet

Here is a look at a “finished” Tara’s Diary Collection bracelet!

Gift giving will be a breeze when you opt for a starter bracelet and add charms for your mother on special occasions!

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? All the colors, textures and ancient symbols come together so well…

A Pendant She’ll Treasure…

Trinity Knot and Birthstone Mother's PendantAnother wonderful choice for an Irish-inspired Mother’s Day celebration is this reasonably-priced silver Celtic pendant, with its three birthstones and its Trinity Knot settings.

Trinity Knots, enduring symbols of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, are the perfect backdrop for glittering gemstones.

Each child or family member is represented with a customized birthstone. All you need to do is choose the right stones and you’ll receive a lovely, personal gift to give to your Mom.

If Mom lives far away, this touching and pretty pendant can be delivered right to her door, in a pretty gift box!

Happy Mother’s Day from Irish Celtic Jewels!