His and Hers Celtic Wedding Bands You’ll Love

Just in time for the spring and summer wedding season, we’re proud to introduce our newest Celtic wedding bands…these special styles feature the Gaelic script, Mo Anam Cara.

In English, these three words translate to “soul mate” or “friend of my soul”. What could be more romantic than that?

Honor your commitment to one another while referencing your Celtic ancestry…these unique, handcrafted 14k gold wedding bands are a wonderful way to add a touch of Celtic spirit to your wedding day! You can buy the ladies’ Claddagh wedding ring on its own, or choose a matching band for your groom-to-be!

Crafted from two-tone gold, these bands are also versatile – they will always coordinate with your wristwatch, your other rings and bracelets, and your entire jewelry wardrobe.

Yellow and white gold add richness and dimension to the polished surface, highlighting the exquisite script that has been carved by hand in Ireland itself.

For true Celtic authenticity (each band is stamped, or assayed, at Dublin Castle!) and a touch of Gaelic charm, these rings are second to none. If you’re planning your wedding, these lovely rings will be showpieces you’ll enjoy wearing for a lifetime.

If you’re still searching for the perfect Celtic engagement ring, have a look at our stunning range of Irish and Celtic diamond engagement rings. These beautiful designs may inspire you to add some Irish or Celtic elements into your wedding ceremony and reception!