Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Bands For Bride And Groom

We’re pleased to introduce these gorgeous 14k gold Celtic wedding bands…they are available for bride and groom, and they feature one of most enduring symbols of the Celtic people…the Trinity Knot.

Since the sixth century, the Trinity Knot (or Triquetra) has appeared on Celtic art treasures, stonework, and illuminated manuscripts (such as the Book of Kells). Each segment of the Trinity Knot represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…

Many modern brides and grooms choose the Trinity Knot motif for their wedding rings, because it honors their own ancestry (Irish, Scottish, or Welsh).

The Trinity Knot is also a touching symbol of faith, love, and eternity…for a wedding ceremony that celebrates a lifetime commitment, the Trinity Knot is perfect in its simplicity, beauty, and deeper significance.

Today’s master artisans have taken their cue from the ancient past and added this meaningful symbol to a smooth, polished 14k gold band. The use of yellow and white gold offers added visual impact, and it also makes the ring more versatile (it will go with anything!).

His and hers wedding bands can be a wonderful way to honor the past while you begin a new journey together…

Handcrafted in the Emerald Isle, these rings are stamped at Dublin Castle; they offer the highest possible standard of quality and authenticity. As well, the bride’s wedding band will coordinate beautifully with our selection of Irish and Celtic engagement rings and other Celtic bridal jewelry.

If you’re planning a wedding this year, these bands may be the perfect choice for your special day…for more choices, visit our online Celtic jewelry store