Beautiful Celtic Jewelry For This Mother’s Day

Finding the ideal gift for your Mom on May 9th can be easy when you choose a special piece from our new line of sterling silver designs!

These delicate, feminine pieces are all adorned with one of the most enduring symbols of the Celtic people – the Trinity Knot.

The Trinity Knot is a symbol of faith and love that lasts forever – each segment of its distinctive trefoil design illustrates the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Since the sixth century A.D., the Celtic people have decorated architecture, monuments, books and art treasures with this simple and beautiful homage to the Holy Trinity.

If your mother is of Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage, she will enjoy honoring her ancestry with Celtic jewelry.

These new designs are clever hybrids of past and present – modern techniques and a special new motif, known as the Ribbon of Life, are used to add even more style into the mix!

Today’s Celtic Jewelry Designs Carry On The Ancient Traditions…

These affordable designs offer quality and authenticity…each of these stunning pieces is crafted by hand in Ireland itself, by skilled artisans who respect the Irish tradition of master metal work.

For centuries, the Irish were renowned for their skill and artistry with precious metals. Today, the tradition continues with these sterling designs…all of them are stamped (assayed) at Dublin Castle. Here’s a look at some perfect choices for this Mother’s Day:

Sterling Silver Gold Plated Trinity CZ Pendant

This unique Celtic pendant is versatile enough for everyday, but it will also add a touch of sophistication to dressier ensembles.

A gently curving ribbon holds a gold-plated Trinity Knot, and a sparkling cz diamond adds a touch of glamor.

This pendant is sure to become a treasured favorite – give her a gift with a sense of “story” this Mother’s Day – the significance of this ancient symbol makes it more meaningful…

Sterling Silver Gold Plated Trinity CZ Earrings

The perfect complement to the pendant displayed above, these pretty Celtic earrings will reflect the light and brighten her face!

If you’re looking for a matching set of earrings and pendant for your Mom, consider choosing these stunning new designs.

As always, every piece you choose from Irish Celtic Jewels will arrive in a lovely box, all ready for gift giving.

If you don’t live close to your Mom, but still want to show her how much you care this May 9th, these earrings will be the perfect “tokens of affection”.

Sterling Silver Ribbon of Life Pendant with Pink CZ

A shot of color adds vibrancy and a rosy, feminine glow to this lovely Ribbon of Life pendant. Pale pink cz diamonds highlight the detail and artistry of this wearable design.

The Trinity Knot and the Ribbon of Life come together so beautifully in this popular style – this will be a necklace she wears day in and day out.

Every time she puts on her sterling silver pendant, she will think of you…give her a gift with real sentimental value this year…

Silver Ribbon of Life Bracelet with CZ

This charming Celtic bracelet will really make your Mom smile on Mother’s Day. If your Mom loves wearing bracelets that highlight her wrists and hands, this could be the ideal choice.

You’ll marvel at the expert craftsmanship of this piece…alternating Ribbons of Life and ornate Trinity Knots form a link between the ancient past and the present day.

These symbols make this piece of Celtic jewelry truly memorable…spoil her with this versatile two-tone piece…because it mixes silver and gold, it will always match the rings and wristwatch she already wears. You can’t go wrong with this handcrafted design!

Happy Mother’s Day From Irish Celtic Jewels!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the very best in Celtic jewelry for Mother’s Day. For more gift ideas, browse our online Celtic jewelry store.