The Best Ways To Celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day In Canada

Enamel Charm With Shamrock MotifMany Canadians can trace their lineage back to the Emerald Isle; if you’re of Irish ancestry and proud of it, you should consider attending an Irish festival or parade to celebrate your family’s history.

These festivals encompass all the best elements of Irish culture: traditional music, dance, and storytelling are often featured.

Spending time with other Canadians who share your own unique background can be a great way to make new friends and learn more about Ireland. Most festivals offer lots of excitement and attractions, including pancake breakfasts, pub nights, and live performances galore!

To show you how vibrant and active the Irish festival scene is in Canada, we’ve compiled some information about a couple of big events on the horizon this month.

For a fun weekend getaway, or even a memorable day trip, consider attending one of these events and getting into the spirit of things. For many Canadians, Irish festivals and parades are a yearly event to look forward to.

Here’s a look at some upcoming and not-to-be-missed celebrations in the Great White North:

Ottawa Irish Festival

Ottawa's Beautiful Parliament Hill

If you’re close to Ottawa, Canada’s beautiful capital city, you’ll enjoy attending the Ottawa Irish Festival this year. During this event, which runs from March 10-17th, 2010, you can enjoy lots of classic Irish hospitality, including a special opening ceremony and concert, a charity luncheon, and a fun parade (held on the 13th).

For a little taste of the Irish storytelling tradition right in the heart of Canada, consider attending the festival’s special March 12th Irish Literary Evening.

Some wonderful authors will be in attendance on this special night: Sharon Doyle Driedger, Patrick Taylor and Will Ferguson will all be conducting readings that celebrate the Emerald Isle.

There is so much to see and do at this festival: dinners, dances, a special Saint Patrick’s Day Mass…even a charity auction…if you really want the ultimate festival experience in Canada, be sure to attend this year’s exciting events!

Montreal Saint Patrick’s Day Parade –

Beautiful Old MontrealMontreal is known for its lively French culture, but not around Saint Patrick’s Day, when the Irish flag flies proudly in this vibrant, diverse city.

If you’re planning a visit to Quebec, Canada around Saint Paddy’s Day, you should definitely make a point of attending the Montreal Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Starting on Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. (Fort and Ste-Catherine Streets), this parade celebrates hundreds of years of Irish influence in Montreal. Since the 18th century, when soldiers from Ireland lived in the city (after the Conquest), this holiday has been revered and celebrated.

Today, the sight of a giant replica of Saint Patrick walking down Ste-Catherine’s Street is a bold signal that the festivities have begun! This family-friendly event has excellent security, which ensures that everyone is safe and happy during the parade itself.

Later on, the legendary pubs of this sophisticated city open up to welcome grown-up parade-goers with true Canadian hospitality.

These are just a couple of great choices for Saint Patrick’s Day get-togethers in Canada. If you aren’t close to Ottawa or Montreal, be sure to do a little investigating and find a local parade or festival you can attend: you’ll take away memories to last a lifetime.

Another Way To Honor Your Heritage On March 17th –

Enamel Charm With Shamrock Motif

For another reminder of your own heritage, consider choosing a delicate, colorful Shamrock charm for your charm bracelet.

This year, charm bracelets are a hot trend, and many women enjoy adding personal and meaningful charms to their collection. This pretty piece also makes a great gift idea for March 17th.

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