Get In The Saint Patrick’s Day Spirit With Shamrock Jewelry

Irish ShamrocksSince Saint Patrick’s Day is on the horizon, why not honor your Irish ancestry by treating yourself (or someone you care about) to a piece of Irish jewelry that features the Emerald Isle’s most recognizable motif…the three-leaf Shamrock

In Pagan times, Saint Patrick began a crusade to bring the Irish to Christ – he used the trefoil Shamrock as an example of the Holy Trinity.

According to Ireland’s patron saint, each of its three segments illustrated the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. By demonstrating the presence of God in nature, Saint Patrick converted many Pagans to Christianity.

Today, the humble Shamrock still reigns as Ireland’s most identifiable symbol. It appears on logos, flags, and lots of Saint Patrick’s Day paraphernalia.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated way to say, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”, a piece of handcrafted Shamrock jewelry created in Ireland itself can be a great expression of your roots…

We’ve put together a list of the Top three Shamrock designs for this Saint Paddy’s Day: each of them is lovingly crafted, with exquisite attention to detail…and each is also assayed at Dublin Castle. For true authenticity and beauty, these charming styles are second to none:

3.) The Diamond and 14k Shamrock Pendant –

Shamrock PendantThis lovely Shamrock pendant offers style that is so wearable…whether you opt for a jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble, or dressier attire, it will always look appropriate…

To give this design added whimsy and charm, each leaf of the Shamrock has been crafted into a delicate heart-shape; as well, a row of shimmering pave diamonds decorates the curving stem.

For this March 17th, why not show your pride with a classic pendant that carries a deeper meaning…this design is destined to become an everyday favorite…

2.) Shamrock Charm – Part Of The Tara’s Diary Collection –

Shamrock Charm With Celtic Spiral

This stunning Shamrock charm combines ancient symbols with expert craftsmanship – the Shamrock is gently suspended from a setting that features a mystical Celtic spiral.

For centuries, the spiral has appeared on stone artifacts, Irish and Celtic metalwork, and other treasures of the Irish people. Its curving lines represent life-force and the endless journey that is birth, death, and spiritual rebirth…the spiral will always be an illustration of eternity…

A pretty green gemstone also adds color and dimension to this unforgettable Shamrock design.

1.) Shamrock Charm In Blue Or Green Enamel –

Shamrock Charm In Blue EnamelThis pretty Shamrock charm will add shine and life to your charm bracelet; available in bright blue or kelly-green enamel, it offers uniqueness and beauty for a very affordable price.

If you currently own a Pandora’s Box charm bracelet, you can also fit this charm (and the one shown above) onto your existing bracelet. Adding an Irish charm can really give your bracelet a custom feel – and it’s a great way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!

If you are interested in starting a charm bracelet “from scratch”, consider choosing a beautiful Tara’s Diary Starter Bracelet.

The silver bracelet comes with a decorative stopper charm, and there are so many lovely and meaningful charms to collect – from Irish dancers, to baby pacifiers, to birthstone charms…each selection is also bestowed with Irish symbols that make the piece more special…

Shamrock Charm In Green Enamel

Here is the same Shamrock charm with a green finish: you may find this is the most traditional choice for March 17th.

Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy admiring this charm on your wrist, and it may spur an interest in building the perfect collection; one that references your family’s own roots…

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the best Shamrock designs for this Saint Patrick’s Day – with our authentic jewelry, you will truly be choosing a little piece of Ireland…