Exploring Ireland – Connemara

Connemara LandscapeTraveling in Ireland is always a great way to connect with your own heritage, or just to enjoy the unique culture of the country and its people. When visiting the Emerald Isle, many tourists make a point of stopping in Connemara.

For a holiday destination that really provides natural beauty on a grand scale, Connemara (also known as the Irish Highlands) delivers…from walking tours that offer up close and personal access to the region’s towns, countrysides, and glorious seascapes…to days spent exploring castles and examining ancient relics from the Megalithic age…there is truly something for everyone

We’ve put together a quick guide to the very best things to see and do in Connemara. If you’re planning a visit, or just enjoy reading about Ireland, you’ll like learning more about this special area:

Castles Of Connemara –

For a taste of ancient beauty, complete with romantic turrets and stone ruins, consider a trip to Clifden Castle. This 18th century fortress offers stunning Gothic Revival architecture, as well as a colorful history. Built by notable Irishman John D’Arcy in 1750, the castle remained occupied for less than a hundred years.

Today, tourists can wander the shell of this grand structure, but the rooms themselves are empty: the townspeople stripped the castle bare of all its embellishments and furnishings hundreds of years ago…

Ballynahinch Castle is also a fine choice for exquisite sightseeing, and it offers so much more than a trip through time! This castle is also a luxury hotel with every possible amenity, including the on-site Owenmore Restaurant, a beautiful river for fishing, and 450 acres of lush woodlands that are perfect for hikes and relaxed country walks.

The history of Ballynahinch Castle is fascinating: it has been occupied by cheiftains, pirates, and notorious residents galore. This castle is an integral part of Connemara’s history, and it has been lovingly maintained and renovated throughout the years…

Other Pleasures

Located in Galway, Connemara, the vibrant town of Clifden is also a very beautiful place, with a backdrop of emerald green fields and pristine mountain ranges. For a fun outing, plan a visit to Dan O’ Hara’s Homestead, where the culture and heritage of the region are celebrated daily. You’ll enjoy watching the staff live their lives as they would in the old days – they make bread, herd sheep, and often participate in games and challenges that evoke the Celtic spirit.

Connemara Ocean & Country Museum is another great way to connect with the soul of Western Ireland and its people. This museum offers over 100 exhibits devoted to the marine and rural history of the area. Rides in a glass-bottom boat or an angling tour would be great activities to pursue while at the museum. This is also a wonderful place to take your children.

As you can see, Connemara is the perfect place to experience all things Irish, from splendid scenery to cultural traditions. For another fun way to honor Irish heritage, consider choosing a special piece of jewelry that features the ancient symbols of the Celtic people.

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