Surfing Vacations In Ireland

Surfers in IrelandIreland is not linked with surfing in most people’s minds: however, those in the know realize that the Emerald Isle’s coastline offers amazing scenery, fantastic waves, and dazzling natural beauty.

While the waters (and winds) of the Irish coastline may be a little chillier than those of traditional surf locales such as Hawaii, the benefits of choosing this destination are still myriad.

May to September is the prime surfing season in Ireland, and great waves are to be found in abundance during this time.

One of the best things about Irish surfing is the fact that you have room to enjoy the sport: unlike some crowded beaches, the best surfing spots along the coastline offer more space and a feeling of pure, unspoiled beauty.

The plentiful swells and scenic vistas of the Emerald Isle are just one facet of a surfing getaway in this charming country: you should also set aside some time to explore the ancient landmarks, vibrant cities, and pubs and nightlife that make the region such a popular tourist destination.

For surfers, Ireland can provide a truly unique holiday destination…

Here’s a quick guide to some of the best places to surf when visiting Ireland:

Crab Island – County Clare

Experienced surfers know that this area presents its challenges: the waves at Crab Island are not for beginners. However, if your skill level and fitness level is high enough, you may be interested in testing your mettle at this well-known location.

Known for its barrel-shaped waves and also the rocks and riptides that make it too dangerous for inexperienced or even intermediate surfers, Crab Island is also considered the “best wave in Ireland” by many expert surfers.

However, it’s important that less skilled surfers recognize the risks of this area and assess whether or not they are capable of staying safe.

Bundoran – Donegal

This is probably the best-known and most well-loved of all the Irish surfing locales. Located about 3 hours from Dublin, in Donegal, Ireland, Bundoran promises sick waves, as well as occasional events such as national championships and competitions.

This mecca provides an amazing assortment of waves, and one popular area is Tullan Strand, with its enjoyable beach break waves.

Things can get a little more crowded here than at some other beaches in Ireland, so proper “road rules” are important when you visit.

You’ll also need to have good fitness to paddle out at Bundaron, but many feel it is the best place to surf in all of Europe.

If the waves at Tullan seem too challenging, then consider travelling 10 kilometres north to Rossnowlagh Beach, with its beautiful golden sands, its lifeguards (in summer) and its consistent wave conditions.

Enniscrone – County Sligo

For beginners or moderately-skilled surfers, Enniscrone offers an incredible two-mile stretch of beach with premier surfing conditions. This area is also filled with surf schools and warm, friendly locals.

For anyone interested in trying out surfing for the first time or polishing their skills while in Ireland, this County Sligo beach can be the perfect vacation destination.

Pale sands, great dining, pubs, and beachside accommodations make Enniscrone, located in the western part of the country, one of Ireland’s most pleasant surfing locales.

If you’re new to surfing and new to Ireland, there are websites out there that can cater for all your needs including flights, accommodation and lessons. It might be a good way to go, to take the stress out of your surfing holiday in Ireland.

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