Gemstone Celtic Jewelry You’ll Love

Emerald And Diamond Celtic RingIf you’re considering choosing a piece of Celtic jewelry that honors your heritage, you may be interested in checking out the hottest new gemstone designs.

Gemstones add color, vibrancy, and shimmer to silver and gold settings, highlighting the special, symbolic motifs of Celtic rings, pendants, and earrings.

Today, gemstones also add shine and dimension to Irish charm bracelets and other standout designs…

Finding the perfect gemstone piece for your jewelry wardrobe will be easier when you have a look at our list of the prettiest new styles…we’ve also included some fascinating information about the history and significance of gemstones, as well as the meanings of the symbols on each piece:

14k Trinity Knot and Amethyst Earrings

14k Trinity Knot and Amethyst EarringsThese dazzling Celtic drop earrings feature amethysts that catch the light; their tender violet hue is offset by a gorgeous Trinity Knot setting.

In Celtic lore and history, the ancient Trinity Knot is a symbol of faith: each of its three interlocking segments represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…

The finest amethysts come from a variety of locations around the globe, including Brazil and Sri Lanka. Traditionally, the amethyst is thought to be a symbol of honesty, serenity, and security.

14k Diamond and Emerald Celtic Knot Ring

Emerald And Diamond Celtic RingPrecious gems are prized throughout the world for their clarity, rarity, and beauty…of all the precious gemstones, diamonds and emeralds are two of the most coveted…

This Celtic ring offers all the luxury of precious gemstones…emeralds and diamonds rest side by side, reflecting light and adding color and sparkle to this handcrafted Celtic ring.

Delicate details make this piece so special; ornate Trinity Knots flank the gemstones, and feminine, romantic hearts are carefully etched along the edges of the band. Perfect as an anniversary ring, this gemstone piece offers classical beauty that lasts a lifetime.

Diamonds are a symbol of purity, passion and excellence; emeralds are believed to represent spiritual faith and positive energy. Together, these precious gems combine with the most sacred of Celtic symbols, creating a showpiece of resonant beauty…

Silver Claddagh Birthstone Pendant

Claddagh Silver Birthstone PendantThis charming Claddagh pendant puts a modern spin on an Irish classic: the symbols woven into its smooth, silver surface are those of the Claddagh…

Claddagh symbols, which always feature two tiny hands, clasping a crowned heart, illustrate love and loyalty that cannot die…as a token of affection, this pendant is truly second to none.

Each of the 12 birthstones can be chosen for this pendant; each has its own unique symbolism…for a personal gift that feels custom-made, this affordable silver pendant can be the ideal choice…

If you are of Irish, Welsh, or Scottish heritage, choosing a Celtic ring, pendant, or earrings can be a great way to honor your heritage. Often, women become very attached to their Celtic jewelry, and they enjoy learning more about the background and symbolism of the designs.

For jewelry with true sentimental value and heirloom quality, pieces handcrafted in Ireland itself are the best choice. Every design we offer is created by skilled artisans in Ireland, and stamped (assayed) at Dublin Castle, one of the country’s greatest historical landmarks.

Treat yourself to authenticity with true Celtic design that uses the highest-quality gemstones and precious metals. You may find your special piece of jewelry becomes an everyday favorite you are reluctant to take off!