Top Ten Best Charms For Your Charm Bracelet

Top Ten SymbolLate last year, we were proud to introduce an exciting new range of jewelry pieces to our customers – the Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet and charms.

Since its debut, the line has become a very popular addition to our Irish Celtic Jewels online store.

Charm bracelets are appealing to many different types of women – collecting a special array of charms allows a woman to display her own personality through her jewelry.

With so many different charms to choose from, finding pieces that are attractive and meaningful is pleasant and fulfilling.

Tara's Diary Charm Bracelet

Whether you buy charms to mark milestones, such as a new baby or marriage, or simply add to your bracelet when you feel inspired…you’ll enjoy creating something that is unique and yours alone.

With Tara’s Diary, you have a lot of options: almost every one of our charms fits onto a Pandora’s Box bracelet, so you can consider adding Irish flair to an existing Pandora bracelet.

If you prefer, you can select our pretty starter bracelet, then customize your design with a full range of spacer, enamel, and sterling silver charms.

We’ve put together a list of ten of our most appealing charms, so that you can enjoy all the special engravings and embellishments up close.

You’ll also love reading about the symbols and hidden meanings found on each handcrafted piece: some of the motifs have endured in Irish and Celtic history since the 6th century…

10.) Tara’s Diary Pearl and Spiral Charm

blog spiral 1 This charm has all the mysterious beauty and meaning of the Celtic spiral.

The whorl design is a symbol of life-force and eternity that has adorned stone monuments and art treasures for thousands of years.

A lustrous genuine cultured pearl adds a feminine touch to the Spiral Charm, which is handcrafted in Ireland from the finest silver.

9.) Tara’s Diary Kids Pacifier and Celtic Knot

Pacifier Charm/Tara's Diary The joy of bringing home a newborn baby is unforgettable: for many women, the day of their child’s birth is the most special day of the year.

Celebrate the new arrival with this pretty charm, which is expertly crafted in the shape of a baby’s pacifier.

The addition of delicate Trinity Knots, which symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, brings a Celtic dimension to this popular charm.

8.) Celtic Cross and Spiral Charm

Celtic Cross Charm/Tara's Diary

The Celtic Spiral meets another profound symbol of the Irish people, the Celtic Cross, in this stunning Celtic spiral and cross charm.

In Ireland, Celtic Crosses rise from the churchyards as stone symbols of love and faith everlasting.

The same beauty and meaning is found in this charm’s Celtic Cross, with its Trinity Knot center and emerald accents.

7.) Tara’s Diary Glass with Blue Stripe Charm

Blue Enamel Tara's Diary Charm

The best charm bracelets intersperse different colors and textures for a rich, dimensional effect.

For this reason, a bold shot of beautiful bright blue can really amp up the appeal of your charm collection.

Made from beautiful cobalt and sky blue glass, this charm also features silver Tara’s Diary lettering.

6.) Tara’s Diary Trinity Knot with Enamel Blue or Green

Trinity Knot Enamel Charm/Tara's Diary

This charm offers a colorful take on the Trinity Knot motif, and it is available in emerald green or sky blue enamel.

Symbolizing the Holy Trinity, each trefoil design is interconnected and neverending.

Experience the hypnotic beauty of traditional Celtic knotwork through this beautifully crafted Trinity knot charm.

5.) Claddagh and Spiral Charm

Claddagh Charm With Spiral/Tara's Diary

The Claddagh Ring is given as token of affection: this Claddagh and Spiral charm adapts the romantic crowned-heart-and-hands motif in a whole new way!

Gently suspended from a Celtic spiral charm, the Claddagh symbol is a wonderful way to honor love and commitment: it is also a symbol of friendship and goodwill.

4.) Square Bead “I Love U” Trinity Knot

I Love You Trinity Knot Charm/Tara's Diary

This lovely charm offers the depth and meaning of a classic Celtic Trinity Knot, along with the simple but heartfelt words, “I Love You.”

Remember moments of togetherness by choosing this special square bead charm for your bracelet.

3.) Trinity Knot Charm with Gemstones

Trinity Knot Gemstone Charm/Tara's Diary

This spectacular Trinity knot charm offers all the ornate beauty of the best Celtic and Irish art and design.

Swirls and delicate Trinity Knots are interspersed with shining gemstones for a rich effect.

This charm may become one of your favorites: its sparkle and engravings make it stand out.

2.) Shamrock with Enamel Blue or Green

Shamrock Enamel Charm/Tara's Diary

What could be more symbolic of the Irish people than the tender Shamrock?

Saint Patrick used this plant to illustrate the presence of the Holy Trinity in nature…each leaf represented the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Today, the spirit of the Irish Shamrock lives on, in this handcrafted enamel Shamrock charm.

Whether you choose a kelly green or robin’s egg blue finish, you will find this charm brings out your own pride in your Irish ancestry.

1.) Birthstone Tara’s Diary Charm

Birthstone Charm/Tara's DiaryLast but not least, this gorgeous birthstone charm really adds a custom feel to your bracelet.

Available in 12 different gemstones that match each month of birth, this bold birthstone charm offers vibrant color and makes a wonderful birthday gift.