Make Valentine’s Day Special With This Romantic Charm

Valentine's Day Trinity Knot and Heart CharmCharm bracelets are all the rage, so why not give the woman you love a special Trinity knot and heart charm she can proudly display this Feb. 14th?

Many women take great pleasure in selecting the perfect charms to honor milestones in their lives. In time, they have a full Celtic bracelet that really reflects their own journey through life…

For her, receiving this limited-edition, heart-shaped Valentine’s charm can be a very romantic experience.

Crafted with painstaking care by artisans in the Emerald Isle, this silver talisman features a delicate Trinity Knot – a timeless symbol of faith and love.

This charm also gets a shot of Valentine color from its row of shimmering, rose-red gemstones: they trace the shape of the heart along one side.

Created especially for Valentine’s Day 2010, this style won’t be around long. Its rarity makes it a collector’s item, so be sure and order soon. This charm also fits onto a wide range of bracelets, so you can add to her existing design.

Offering her this symbol of your love will also reference thousands of years of Celtic history and culture: the mystical beauty of the Trinity Knot makes this gift a meaningful token of affection she can treasure for always…

If the woman you love is of Celtic heritage, adorn her charm bracelet with a touch of timeless beauty…

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