The Best Irish Jewelry Choices For Your Coloring…

Redhead with Blue EyesMaking the most of your natural coloring can be easy when you consider the concept of seasonal beauty. Many women know which “season” they are: your own coloring dictates which category you’ll fall into.

Buying accessories such as Irish jewelry can be a lot more fulfilling when you know it will flatter your own individual skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

We’ve compiled some guidelines to help you figure out which season you are, and which specific rings, earrings, and pendants will work best on you. Here is a quick guide to finding your “season”:


Women born under this season have a yellowish or golden undertone to their skin. Whether you are of fair ivory or golden tan complexion, you’ll probably find yourself gravitating towards colors like sunny yellow, khaki, periwinkle, and cream.

For makeup, soft honey tones and corals will be your best shades.

Many women who are Springs have green eyes with a golden sunburst near the pupil, and they often have blond or golden brown hair. There are also light brown-eyed and blue eyed Springs.

In general, there is not much contrast between your hair, skin, and eye color: everything blends together, and you are more light than dark.

For you, clear colors with a touch of yellow will flatter you and make you look a lot younger and healthier.

Look inside your wrist to see if your veins are bluish or greenish. Greenish veins are a clue that your skin tone is warm. For you, bright kelly or emerald green will be a couple of your best colors.

Celeb Springs: Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts, Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives)

For you, emeralds and gold will the best choices for Irish jewelry. 14k yellow gold will bring out the warmth in your skin tone, and emeralds will add light and vibrancy to your eyes.

Here is a great selection for the Spring woman:

Trinity Knot Emerald Drop EarringsThese gorgeous emerald drop earrings feature lab-created gemstones that are so very affordable. 14k yellow gold Trinity Knots earrings (a symbol of the Holy Trinity) give you a taste of ancient Celtic symbolism that honors your own heritage.

These earrings will always flatter, and you’ll find yourself turning to them when you need a touch of glamor for any occasion. These could be part of the perfect bridal jewelry set for your wedding day!


Summer beauties look best in shades like dusty rose, ballet pink, and pale blue. You will have a cool skin tone, and your hair may be ash blond or brown. Generally, any shade of blue or cool pink will make you look beautiful.

Stunners like the late Grace Kelly, with her sleek hair and pale skin, are found under this season. Kelly was known for the icy-blue dress she wore to collect her Oscar.

The veins inside your wrist will be blue in tone, not greenish, and you may not tan very well. Milky white skin with a touch of rose undertone will be one clue that you are a summer.

Eyes can be blue or green, but they will probably have a cool cast (blue-grey or bottle green) and no golden sunburst near the pupil. Lavender, mauve, and magenta will be great colors for your makeup.

You probably wear a lot of purple tones, and you look great in chocolate brown, hot pink, and pure white (not cream).

Celeb Summers – Kirsten Dunst, Grace Kelly, Reese Witherspoon

For you, baby pink will always make you look totally radiant. Here’s a pick for your own delicate coloring:

Pink Sapphire Celtic Engagement Ring

This exquisite Celtic engagement ring features classic Trinity knot work, as well as a romantic pink sapphire center stone. Flanked with pure-white diamonds that add shimmer, this could be the perfect engagement ring for a lifetime.

As soon as you put it on, you’ll see how well the rosy glow of this stunning piece echoes the beauty in your own cool skin tone.

This is the best possible choice for a Summer woman who wants to flatter her natural coloring through her jewelry wardrobe.

Veering away from the expected white diamond center can be very fulfilling: choosing a colored gemstone that is still precious and rare can make choosing a Celtic engagement ring a unique and pleasant experience.

Today’s brides are looking for more fashionable elements in their wedding jewelry – this ring has the ancient symbols of the Celtic people woven into its design.

Autumn –

Rich and warm, the autumn woman’s coloring is reminiscent of falling leaves and bonfires. Many redheads are found under this season, but there are lots of brunettes as well. If you’re blonde, it’s very unlikely that you are an autumn.

Brown eyes with hints of amber or cinnamon can be a hallmark of this season: you may even have freckles. Colors like burnt orange, tobacco, and mustard will bring out the beauty of your warm coloring.

You will probably avoid hot pink or other brighter, colder tones, because they will tend to wash you out. Your makeup choices will include gold, amber, cinnamon, and brick red.

Celeb Autumns – Julia Roberts, Eva Mendes, Angelina Jolie

For you, pretty golden tones will always flatter, so treat yourself to jewelry that highlights your autumnal beauty every time you put it on:

Gold Celtic Cross PendantThis Celtic Cross pendant will work best for you in classic yellow gold, which warms your skin and makes you glow. You will enjoy the design elements in this carefully-handcrafted piece.

Since the sixth century, the Celtic Cross has appeared as a symbol of faith in the British Isles. The ring that makes each Celtic Cross so distinctive is thought to be a remnant of Pagan Sun Worship.

Treat yourself to a flattering pendant with deeper meaning…this cross will become a treasured heirloom.


This type of beauty has lots of contrast: imagine Snow White, with her blue-black hair, white skin, and cherry-red lips. Whether you are a fair or dark Winter woman (both types occur) you will look best in crisp, pure colors that are classic jewel tones.

Your eyes can be light or dark, but they will always have a jewel brightness and their color will be pure, not multicolored or muted.

You probably have dark hair, and you gravitate towards shades like scarlet, black, pure snowy white, and royal blue. With makeup, clear red lips will be a devastating choice for you, and you will always prefer black mascara over muddy brown.

Celeb Winters: Liz Taylor, Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta-Jones

For you, contrast is key, so why not enjoy the depth and beauty of a rich blue sapphire. This precious stone is meant to be worn and showed off by the Winter woman. Choose a white-gold setting for maximum impact!

Sapphire and Diamond Celtic Cluster RingThis glamorous cluster Celtic engagement ring is really a classic. The rich blue sapphire is surrounded by a shimmering circle of glittering diamonds, and the white-gold setting offers the perfect complement to your cool coloring.

Celtic knot work frames the center stone, adding dimension and meaning to the piece. This ring will add a touch of jewel-toned beauty that really reflects your own type of high-contrast appeal.

Choosing jewelry that flatters your natural beauty is the best way to get the most out of your Irish or Celtic jewelry purchase.

It will also ensure that you wear your rings, earrings, and necklaces more often. The compliments you get will be the best part of shopping by “season”.