Stunning New Ring That Is Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Celtic Knot and Diamond 3-Stone RingWe’re proud to introduce a new diamond Celtic engagement ring that really captures the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Arriving just in time to become the ideal gift for Feb. 14th, this 3-stone diamond ring, crafted of 14 karat gold, can be an unforgettable love token for her!

In this unique and sophisticated design, the three segments of each Trinity Knot are mirrored by the three central diamonds.

The Celtic Trinity Knot is a centuries-old symbol of the Holy Trinity, and each of its three parts symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The diamonds that shine at the center of the ring are yet another way to illustrate love that lasts forever…for a woman, a diamond is a timeless symbol of passion.

There are many reasons to choose this beautiful ring for a loved one: you might be considering a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal, and, if you are, this ring can be a wonderful way to honor your bride-to-be’s Celtic heritage as you start your life together.

This ring can also be a dazzling “right-hand ring”: right-hand rings are a hot trend. Women are looking for jewelry that is glamorous and they enjoy wearing designer styles on their “other” hand.

As you can see, this ring offers versatility due to its very individual design. It also has other features that make it very easy to wear…

Two complementary tones of gold offer richness and dimension: they also make the ring go with anything.

Whether she wears a yellow gold, white gold, or silver wristwatch or bracelet, she’ll always look perfectly coordinated.

Honoring her heritage through a gift of Celtic jewelry can add a touch of history and meaning to any romantic occasion.

For thousands of years, the symbols of Celtic culture (including this ring’s Trinity Knots) have been found on art treasures, stone monuments, and ancient texts. For this reason, the Trinity Knot remains one of the most enduring symbols of the British Isles.

Give her a touch of old-world glamour (with all the bells and whistles) by offering her a luxurious diamond ring that blends the Celtic past with sleek modern details and design elements.

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