Take Our Poll – What’s Your Favorite Irish Symbol?

Question MarkIn this day and age, connecting with your Irish ancestry can be easier than ever. The Internet provides instant access to information about genealogy and Celtic symbolism.

If you are of Irish heritage, you may have a favorite symbol that really evokes your spirit. It could be a spiral, a Claddagh symbol, or perhaps the classic knot work that appears in art treasures like the Book of Kells.

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How To Choose Your Favorite Irish Symbol

If you are unsure about the symbols and their meanings, we can help! We’ve compiled some in-depth information about what each symbol looks like, and what it really means.

Luckily, the handcrafted Irish jewelry at our online jewelry store often uses these symbols to honor the past.

Some Of These Symbols Have Existed For Thousands Of Years

Since the 6th century, the ancient symbols you will find in our poll have appeared on stone work, metal work, and in art and texts.

More recently, romantic symbols such as the distinctive Claddagh crowned heart and hands, have become an integral part of Irish culture.

We can take you back in time and let you know the significance of each symbol. Then, you may enjoy signing up with Google Friends Connect at our site, so you can choose your favorite. Look over to the right column: click “Join this site” >> : )

Irish Jewelry Is A Wonderful Way To Enjoy These Symbols

You may also want to choose a special piece of jewelry that features the symbol you love. All our gold and silver rings, pendants and earrings offer the highest quality and authenticity.

Each ring, pair of earrings, or necklace is assayed (stamped) at Dublin Castle itself. You will be choosing heirloom-quality that offers a unique and beautiful glimpse into Irish and Celtic symbolism.

Here is a look at the symbols that appear in our poll, with some pieces of jewelry that showcase their intricate beauty and deeper meaning:


Irish Trinity Knot Wedding Ring

This Celtic engagement ring features delicate knot work that is in keeping with the traditions of centuries past. The central solitaire stone is flanked by ornate Trinity Knots that symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

For thousands of years, the Trinity Knot has appeared on stone dolmans, High Crosses, and Irish and Celtic artwork.

If you enjoy these hypnotic designs, which seem to flow endlessly into one another, you should choose knots as your favorite symbol in the Google Friends Connect Poll, in the right hand column of this page.

Spirals –

Irish Spiral Charm With Pearl

The Celtic spiral’s meanings are tied into the idea of life-force and eternity. The gentle turns of each circle represent the journey through life, death, and rebirth.

These spirals are one of the most ancient and enduring symbols of Irish and Celtic culture. They have been found on burial mounds, stone work, and art treasures, such as the Ardagh Chalice.

This Celtic spiral charm offers a perfect rendering of the ancient symbol, and its silver base supports a delicate, cultured pearl. This charm fits on a Pandora’s Box charm bracelet, or our very own Tara’s Diary Bracelet.

If the spiral resonates with you, you should choose it as your own favorite Irish symbol in our poll.

Claddagh –

Claddagh Ring For Gents

The first Claddagh Ring was created by an Irish fisherman, who had been kidnapped at sea and forced to work for a Moorish goldsmith. His true love, Margaret, was always on his mind, and he never stopped dreaming of the time when they would be reunited.

He crafted a ring with touching symbols, to honor their undying love. The crowned heart, held by two tiny hands, was a symbol of loyalty in love.

Today, the Claddagh symbols are used on all manner of rings, earring, and pendants, and these pieces are given as tokens of affection. If you enjoy the romantic Claddagh spirit, choose the Claddagh as your favorite Irish symbol.

Shamrock –

Shamrock Pendant

The tender Shamrock plant, with its three green leaves, was used by Saint Patrick to illustrate the presence of the Holy Trinity in the natural world. Each of its segments represented the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Today, the Shamrock is Ireland’s most recognizable symbols. It appears on flags, logos, and Saint Paddy’s Day hats and shirts.

If you enjoy the faith and spirituality of the Irish Shamrock, consider choosing a Shamrock diamond pendant that is versatile enough for everyday. And be sure to vote for the Shamrock in our Google Friends Connect poll.

Animals –

The Gryffon, a winged lion, is a popular animal symbol.
The Gryffon, a winged lion, is a popular animal symbol.

In Celtic lore, art and mythology, animal (zoomorphic) symbols appear with great frequency. Serpents, gryffons (winged lions), and other animals are used to represent various Celtic clans.

The traits of these animals or mythical beasts are thought to symbolize the strength, cleverness, and 18power of the families they represent. If you love Celtic animal symbols, choose them as your favorite Irish symbol.

Crosses –

Claddagh Celtic PendantCeltic crosses offer a wealth of symbolism, from the four points that symbolize east, west, north and south…to the ringed cross that is a remnant of Pagan Sun worship. In Ireland, Celtic Crosses mark the resting places of those who have passed.

Today, Irish Claddagh Cross pendants, such as the one at left, combine modern Claddagh symbols with other ancient symbols, such as Trinity Knots. They often feature delicate interlace, or knot work, that offers yet another timeless symbol of the Irish people.

If you love the beauty and meaning of Celtic Crosses, be sure to vote for them in our poll.

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  1. I always believe that Celtic Crosses is very good lucky charm for me so i wear it with my chain. the importance of this Irish symbol is very high.

  2. My favortie Celtic symbol is the triquetra. As with the shamrock, often used as a symbol for the trinity, the triquetra symbolizes the three stages in a woman’s life…maiden, mother, crone (post-menopause). I have a stained glass triquetra in a window in my living room to remind me of the three “women” who are the three faces of myself.

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