How To Research Your Irish Ancestry

Irish FlagOnce you’ve started exploring your genealogy, it can become a pleasant addiction. It’s fascinating to learn about the people who came before you.

In some cases, researching your ancestors will allow you to learn about their accomplishments, adversities, and unique stories.

Every family has its dramas, hardships, and poignant moments: by delving deeper into your own Irish ancestry, you can open up a whole new connection to the past.

But how do you get started? There are some ways to begin that can be easy for you. We’ve outlined the proper ways to begin your search.

Consider putting together a scrapbook about your ancestors: scrap booking is a great way to share your journey.

Take your scrapbook to family reunions and other big events, in order to let everyone know the fascinating story of your clan’s Celtic background.

Here are some tips on how to research your Irish ancestry:

Trace By Clan Name –

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Many popular Irish clan names can be tracked via the Internet, free of charge. These websites will allow you to check your Clan’s name against important information, such as which county they tended to live in.

By gaining some valuable background information about where your Clan derived from, you can begin the journey into your own ancestry.

If you want to show your pride in your own Irish heritage, consider choosing a beautiful gold Celtic pendant that carries a powerful message. The three-leaf plant was used by Saint Patrick to illustrate the presence of the Holy Trinity in the natural world.

Interview Your Older Relatives –

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Sometimes, information can get lost through the generations. Fires, wars, and other calamities can destroy records and make your job harder.

By talking to the elderly members of your family, you can gain access to information about your family history.

Chances are, a beloved grandparent or aunt may have some stories that include names, places, and dates. Be sure to take notes as you interview your family member.

If your relatives live far away, write a letter requesting some information. Chances are, they’ll be happy to go through their old photo albums, baby books, and letter to find the facts and stories you are looking for.

They’ll also be able to give you access to rare photographs and copies of important papers.

Getting together over a cup of tea or coffee and listening to your relative talk about your Irish roots, can be one of the most enjoyable, and emotional, ways to learn more about your family.

Men’s Celtic jewelry that captures the spirit of the Celtic Crosses that dot the Irish landscape, marking the graves of those who have passed, can be a tender reminder of the power of faith and love.

Check Property, Birth, and Death Records –

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Once you’ve collected all the information you can, you may feel you’ve hit a dead end. Sometimes, you can run back through your family tree, but get blocked when you can’t find the information you need.

Then, it may be time to check into public repositories and libraries that offer access to old records, newspapers articles (on microfiche) and other pertinent information.

Check your local libraries, as well as websites for libraries and repositories near your ancestor’s home counties. Sometimes, you can find a treasure trove of facts and make a real breakthrough.

A Claddagh Pendant that references the romantic storytelling tradition of your ancestors can be a great way to keep their legacy alive in your daily life.

Your Irish ancestors paved the way for your own life and destiny. By honoring their contributions to your family and to the world, you can experience a deeper understanding of who you really are. Begin learning about your Irish ancestry – today!