Hot New Celtic Jewelry Christmas Gifts For Men

Celtic Cross pendant for men, with matching chainWe’re proud to show off the very latest additions to our gent’s line of Celtic jewelry – we’ve chosen some wonderful silver Celtic jewelry pieces that really combine the very best of past and present.

Sleek, modern details mix with ancient symbols to create a look that is perfect for today.

Men’s jewelry has come a long way – these pieces feature strong, masculine lines. Cutting-edge, high-fashion elements, such as black rubber bracelets, give a touch of alternative style to bold, timeless motifs.

Today’s fashion-conscious men know that jewelry offers a great outlet for creativity and self-expression.

Stars like David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt understand how to combine hot new jewelry with casual and formal clothes, in order to make it their own.

Brad Pitt is fond of bold cuff links that add richness to his formal wear, and Johnny Depp always wears a collection of silver rings, pendants and bracelets that give him a bohemian, rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

David Beckham, perhaps one of today’s most stylish men, is a risk-taker who often opts for clusters of silver bracelets or beaded bracelets, or some combination of both. He also enjoys wearing silver crosses or layers of silver necklaces that highlight his toned chest.

Wearing jewelry sends a positive message: men who choose to decorate their bodies with chic, current pieces are confident and very comfortable with their own masculinity.

If you want to show your man how much you care this Christmas, offer him a trendy pair of silver cuff links that will add panache to a suit and tie. Or choose a classic silver Celtic ring that is carefully engraved with intricate knot work that celebrates the art and culture of the Celtic people.

We’ve also included a fine necklace that provides rugged beauty at an affordable price.

If your man is interested in accessories that are individual and at the forefront of men’s style, he’ll enjoy wearing these unique pieces…every day.

Versatile and so easy to wear, our silver gent’s line of Celtic jewelry will become treasured accessories he turns to again and again.

Make this Christmas unforgettable by honoring his Celtic heritage with jewelry that really “pops”. He’ll enjoy the custom feel and handcrafted quality that these rings, necklaces, and bracelets showcase.

Every piece from our new line is stamped (assayed) at Dublin Castle itself. The finest silver and expert workmanship make these modern pieces stand out.

Be daring this year and amp up his personal style with a selection from our new line. Here is a look at some highlights for this holiday season- visit our online Celtic jewelry store to see the full range:

Silver and Rubber Gents Celtic Bracelet –

Gent's Silver And Rubber Celtic BraceletIf your man admires the style of Beckham, Pitt and Depp, he’ll be thrilled to receive this cool new gents Celtic bracelet. The addition of a sleek, black rubber bracelet give this piece a very modern edge.

Celtic knot work in silver honors the centuries-old tradition of masterful Celtic metal work, and it looks amazing! These knots symbolize eternity – what better way to show your man that your love is forever?

He can wear this comfortable, affordable bracelet with jeans and a t-shirt, or a sleek suit. It’s very versatile, practical, and perfect for men who love black leather jackets and sleek, modern attire.

This signature piece from our collection will be a popular choice this holiday season. Pump up his personal style with our Silver and Rubber Gent’s Celtic Bracelet.

Silver Celtic Dog Tag Gents Celtic Cross –

Silver Celtic Dog Tag Gents Celtic CrossAnother standout piece from our new line, this silver gents Celtic Cross pendant comes with a bold, matching chain for the perfect overall look.

This pendant, engraved with ornate Celtic knot work, is just the right size for him. It will stand out when he wears it, but it won’t be too large or distracting.

He’ll feel comfortable in this masculine necklace, and it will look fantastic with casual wear. Add a bit of richness and dimension to his wardrobe with this stylish piece.

He’ll enjoy knowing that the knot work featured on his pendant has been a motif in Celtic art and design since the 6th century.

Silver Celtic Knot Gents Ring –

Men's Silver Celtic RingThis beautiful gents Celtic ring can add a touch of shimmer and shine to your man’s style. Bold, thick, and very rugged, this wide band is a sexy option for this Christmas.

You can’t go wrong with this classic choice – it really does offer everything the man who wears jewelry is looking for.

Modern silver makes it all new – ancient symbols and bold, rope-like trim give dimension and a touch of artistry to the design.

Symbolizing eternity, the knots of Celtic art and culture appear on Irish war treasures, stone dolmans, and crosses. They are one of the most enduring symbols of the Irish and Celtic people.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at our new line. We’re proud to offer the very best in craftsmanship and quality. Thrill your man with a piece of modern jewelry he’ll really wear. He’ll enjoy every one of these stylish, wearable pieces.