The Wonders Of County Kerry

county kerry1County Kerry is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations. The beauty of the Atlantic coastline is just one highlight of a visit to this charming region.

Walking tours, dotted with historic landmarks, offer exquisite sightseeing and the opportunity to experience some ancient relics of Ireland’s colorful past.

As well, vibrant towns and friendly people allow for the very best in shopping, nightlife, and dining.

The culture of County Kerry allows for a deeper appreciation and understanding of Ireland. Here is a quick guide to some worthwhile things to see and do while visiting County Kerry:


While visiting Killarney, one of the County’s premiere attractions, you’ll be able to enjoy three picturesque lakes, as well as scenic mountain ranges.


Be sure to visit Killarney National Park, which offers the chance to enjoy some of Ireland’s most beautiful foliage, including yew forests, oak woods, and lush evergreens.

One of the most memorable attractions in the park is
Muckross House, Gardens, and Traditional Farms. Designed by renowned Scottish architect William Burn, Muckross House is a great example of Victorian architecture.

The House offers beautiful sunken gardens, manicured grounds, and a fascinating glimpse into the past…

As well as the main house and grounds, be sure to check out the Traditional Farms, which provide a detailed and authentic look at farming during the 30’s and 40’s, before the widespread use of electricity changed the way people produced foodstuffs like vegetables and poultry.

You can wander through cottages that features perfect, working replicas of blacksmith’s shops, carpentry works, and harness-maker’s facilities.

Other Things To Do In Killarney

Killarney Town is a charming hub where modern pleasures like shopping and fine dining are enhanced by gorgeous historic residences and churches.

If you want to dwell in comfort and drink in the beauty of Southwest Ireland on your holiday, consider a stay at the nearby
Lake Hotel.


A mere 2km from the town, this hotel is a practical choice for travelers.

Enjoy lake views and wildlife sightings (red deer populate the area!) while also taking advantage of Irish hospitality.

Clean, spacious rooms offer period details and modern amenities.

The Devil’s Punchbowl, the in-house bar, will be the perfect place for a beverage after a full day’s sightseeing. The on-site Lake Bistro offers great cuisine and unforgettable views.

Ross Castle is also not to be missed when you are in the Killarney area. This 15th century castle was a Medieval stronghold, where Irish chieftains plotted strategy behind thick stone walls.

Rumor has it, the Castle is haunted by the ghost of one of the Castle’s most notorious residents, who was a member of the O’Donoghue Clan. He is believed to inhabit a grand palace beneath the peaceful waters of the lake near Ross Castle.

The Ring Of Kerry

This tourist trail runs in a circle, from Killorglin to Cahersiveen and Kenmare. The tour spotlights gorgeous seascapes, including Dingle Bay, the Atlantic and the Kenmare River.


The beauty of this renowned walking trail can also be appreciated by car or coach.

Bear in mind, this is a popular destination in the summer months, so plan ahead and look for a quiet day to take advantage of all the trail has to offer.

Highlights include the Ladies’ View, considered by many to offer the finest vista in Southwest Ireland, and Staigue Stone Fort, a circular fort that is believed to have been built during the Iron Age.

As you can see, there are so many things to experience while visiting County Kerry! Make sure to visit the region on your next trip to Ireland.

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