Irish Christmas Traditions You’ll Love

Shamrock PendantIf you want to honor your Irish heritage this Christmas, why not incorporate some traditional Irish traditions into your regular festivities?

You can enjoy the time-honored rituals of the past, which will include special recipes, tasty drinks, and wonderful music.

Take time to celebrate Ireland this Christmas with these fun and meaningful activities:

Some Classic Irish Traditions For The Holidays

Food and Drink

In the past, certain traditions began on Christmas Eve day, and meat was usually forbidden. However, there were lots of treats to whet the appetite and satisfy holiday cravings.

Fish was the traditional Christmas Eve meal, usually with cake for dessert. The fish, generally a salted variety, would be simmered in a creamy white sauce. Drinks would include plain water or seltzer, and also a few bottles of Guinness Stout.

On the big day, the Christmas meal would be a goose, roasted in its own juices. There would be potatoes, sometimes cooked as stuffing within the gooses’ cavity.

Side dishes like warm, sweet applesauce would round out the meal. Here is an easy way to roast a goose for a truly traditional (and gourmet) Irish Christmas feast!

If you want to make it really special, spend some time making this easy and fun homemade applesauce recipe.


Your family will thank you! It smells heavenly and tastes amazing.

Store extra in jars and tie with festive red and green ribbons, for a great gift idea that is so very Irish.

Consider baking some Irish soda bread to serve with your meal. It will really add authenticity to your Christmas feast. Here’s a traditional recipe that is simple to prepare.

For dessert, consider tasty mince pies that feature delicate spices, rich brandy, and fruit and nuts.

Other Traditions For An Irish Christmas


HarperYou’ll be pleased to know that many of the most beautiful and popular Christmas Carols are Irish in origin!

Some examples are 12 Days of Christmas (with its original lyrics), and Once in Royal David’s City.

For a great CD you can download at Last.FM, check out Moya Brennan’s An Irish Christmas.

Think about putting it on your MP3 player and enjoying the spirit of the holidays while you do all your pre-Christmas preparations.

Gifts –

Finding the perfect gift can also be an Irish experience. Carry the theme forward by choosing a special piece of Irish jewelry for someone you love.

claddagh kiss

From traditional gold Claddagh Rings, given as tokens of affection, to diamond Shamrock pendants that will become treasured keepsakes…there are so many lovely ideas.

shamrock pendant

Authentic Irish jewelry is always handcrafted in Ireland itself. The designs shown here are assayed (stamped) at Dublin Castle. You can be assured of quality and authenticity that is crafted to last a lifetime.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into Irish Christmas traditions. Connecting to your past on this special day can add a sense of beauty and wonder to your celebrations.

Your family will love the old-fashioned charm of a traditional Gaelic holiday.