Christmas Shopping Details Update

snowman for ChristmasAfter November 28th, the registered post delivery method will not be available on the website until after Christmas. If you place an order after November 28th, your order will ship by Fedex. Fedex is two-day delivery to the US and Europe.

Please note, shipping time does NOT include manufacturing time; some items can take up to three weeks to be manufactured. However, most items can be shipped within a much shorter time frame.

With all this in mind, if you’re planning on purchasing a Celtic jewelry item as a Christmas gift, I recommend placing the order by Wednesday, December 2nd. You can still order after this date, and have it delivered for Christmas, but if you’re in any doubt about delivery for Christmas, please email me at, anytime.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Details Update

  1. I would like to order the male and female “Mo Anam Cara” wedding bands in sterling silver and would like them shipped to USA before christmas, is this possible if I order by 5 pm today?

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